How to sell your WordPress site’s traffic with HilltopAds?

How to sell your WordPress site’s traffic with HilltopAds?

Data is current as of 11/14/2022.

WordPress is one of the most famous CMS platforms for creating and maintaining websites, and it helps webmasters easily fulfill their even craziest ideas for a personal blog or corporate website.

Today, every 3rd publisher comes to HilltopAds asking if it is possible to work with WordPress sites in HilltopAds and how to do it. Therefore, we decided to release a detailed guide that will help you quickly and easily go through a simple verification process and go to the most desired result — traffic monetization!

In our earlier post, we guided how to sell site's traffic with HilltopAds so you can check too.

How to sell your site’s traffic with HilltopAds?
How to increase your earnings from traffic selling and what steps to take to join HilltopAds system. The step-by-step guide helps you to verified your website, create direct/smart links and monetize your traffic!

Step #1. Verification of your site in HilltopAds.

The first step towards monetizing your WordPress site is adding and verifying the site in your HilltopAds account.

To add a site, you need to go to your personal account or sign up as a publisher, then go to the Manage site & Zones tab and click on the Add site button.

Then you need to fill in the form in the window that appears:
- Website domain (for example;
- Choose an ad category for your site - mainstream or non-mainstream (18+).

Website settings
We remind you again if you choose the non-mainstream category, then ads containing 18+ content will also be shown on your site.
If you select the mainstream category, such advertisements will NOT be shown on your site.

Please note, that if you make a mistake when choosing a category, only a personal manager will be able to change it.

After entering the site domain and choosing the ad category, click on the “Add site” button. Next, a unique code will become available to you, download and upload it to the root of the site, or copy it and paste it into the HTML of your main page.

Once you've placed the code on your site, don't forget to click on the Verify Site button in your personal HilltopAds account.

Site verification

Great, you are one step closer to monetizing WordPress website traffic!

Step #2. Placing the Popunder code on your website.

Settings in your HilltopAds account.

You need to add a special script, to place popunder ads on your site.

To do this, go to your HilltopAds personal account, enter the Manage Site & Zones section, find the required site domain to place ads to, and click on the Add Zone button. Next, you need to enter the name of the Zone to make it easier to track your earnings statistics, as well as specify the ad format.

Now we are guiding you on how to run popunder ads on your WordPress site, so select Popunder as the format and click on Add Zone.

The Popunder ad zone

Immediately after the click, please choose a preferred invocation code in the appeared menu.

Please note, that you can only add a script to WordPress sites, so select Popunder script from this menu and copy or download the unique code.
The Popunder ad zone script

Settings in your personal WordPress account.

Now go to the WordPress admin panel. Usually, the admin panel link looks like this: https://[]/wp-admin.

In the menu on the left, find the Appearance section and click on it. You will see a list of subsections, then find the Editor or Theme Editor subsection and go to it.

Next, find the theme's header.php file. and place the previously copied Popunder script here before the closing </head> tag.

The Theme Editor subsection

After that, Popunder ads will immediately start showing to visitors on your website, and you will start earning money.

We strongly recommend not to use too many Popunders on WordPress sites, as they may conflict with each other and lower your CPM. For how to work with multiple popunders guide, please contact your account manager.

I can't change the WP theme.

In case you can't add the Popunder script to WP theme, try placing it like this:

  1. Also, find the Appearance section in the WordPress admin panel on the left, and click on it.
  2. From the list of suggested subsections, find Widgets and go to it.
  3. Find the Custom HTML widget, then select the required element from the list and click on the Add Widget button.
  4. Add the Custom HTML widget.
  5. Add the popunder script that you copied from your HilltopAds account to the Content Field. Don't forget to click on the Save button!
The Custom HTML widget

Congratulations! You have successfully started monetizing your WordPress site.

Don't forget to follow the statistics and traffic quality, and get weekly payouts according to the Net7 scheme.

Good luck!

Placing other ad formats on your site.

Besides the Popunder ad format, HilltopAds publishers can also place In-page Push and VAST/VPAID video ad formats on their website.

Placing an In-Page script is absolutely identical to a Popunder script install.

The only thing is different, in your HilltopAds personal account, in the Manage Site & Zones section, you need to click on the Add Zone button next to the required site, and select the In-Page Push format from the menu.

The In-Page Push ad zone

Next, a unique script will become available to you, which must be added to the site code similar to what you did with the Popunder script.

Please note, that VAST/VPAID video ads placing on a WordPress site is absolutely different. We will tell you more about it in the next article.

Now you can monetize your WordPress site traffic easily and quickly.

If you have any questions, please contact your personal manager (you can find contacts in the menu on the left or in the top panel of your HilltopAds personal account).

Please, note we do not work with sites that operate on the subdomain (if the site domain has

Start monetizing website traffic on WordPress in HilltopAds right now!

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