How to monetize a social network group using a Direct/Smart Link?


HilltopAds publishers can successfully monetize their website traffic by placing popunder, in-page push or video ads on their website. And even if you do not have your own source of traffic, there is still an opportunity to earn money. Direct/Smart link comes to the rescue.

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Direct Link is a powerful ad format offered by HilltopAds that allows you to monetize your traffic effortlessly. Direct link contains a Pop ad format. Opening a Direct Link is triggered by clicking on a specific element on the website. You have the flexibility to choose what triggers the ad to open - it can be a button click, image click, or even a menu section click on your website.

Why is Direct Link an attractive format for monetization? Because this format can be used by both direct publishers who have their own websites and arbitrageurs who want to resell their traffic on HilltopAds. Moreover, this format is suitable for bloggers who want to monetize their audience on social media platforms.

To monetize your social network community you should follow the 4 steps bellow.

Please follow the steps bellow:

  1. Go to the Manage Site & Zones section;
  2. Click on the Add Direct Link button;
  3. Specify the Name of a Direct Link;
  4. Select a Category.
Please remember that the mainstream category is for those websites that don't have any age restriction. And the non-mainstream category is for websites that have 18+ content.
A Direct Link creation process

Step 2: Create a pre-landing page

To maximize revenue with high CPM rates, you need to work on a combination of Creative in a post > Creative on a pre-landing page > Offer.

A pre-landing page is an intermediate page that should warm up and increase your audience's interest. The pre-landing page also leads the audience to the final offer. The offer is the main advertiser's landing page, where the paid conversion takes place.

Before you start creating a pre-landing page, you need to choose an offer type. To do this, contact your manager. They will help you find the most profitable offer for your audience.

After choosing the type of offer, for example, gambling, you can make a pre-landing page about the gambling industry with examples. And place a CTA button on it, which will be linked to the created Direct link.

Please try to make your pre-landing page really interesting and attractive to your audience. Thanks to it you will get as many ad views as possible.

To create a pre-landing page you can use any CMS platform.

Step 3: Write a post

After you created a landing page, you need to write an interesting post in your social network group. A post should contains information that matches with the offer type you have chosen.

In our example, we will write a post about Ways to earn extra money online thanks to Gambling. And in the post we add the link to the created landing page.

An example of a Facebook post

Step 4: Contact your manager

You need to contact your manager via Telegram, Skype, email or online chat on the website and ask them to link a chosen offer type to your created Direct Link.

In our case, we will ask a manager to link Gambling offers to our Direct Link.

To sum up, to earn money with Direct Link on social networks monetization, you need to do the following:

  • Choose a type of offer. If you don’t know which type of offers you should work with, contact your manager.
  • Create a Direct Link in your HilltopAds account.
  • Create a pre-landing page which will contain information about the chosen offer.
  • Make a CTA button on the page which will be linked with the created Direct Link.
  • Write an interesting post in your social network group, which will redirect your audience to the created pre-landing page.

Why can't you post a Direct Link on your page?

Most social networks prohibit posting third-party advertising links, otherwise you risk being blocked. Furthermore, if you post a Direct Link, for example in your page's description, only a small volume of your audience will click on it. Moreover, that audience may not be interested and will not convert on the main offer page. As a result, your account may be blocked in HilltopAds, according to our Terms & Conditions, or your earnings will be very low.

We recommend you make an effort when working with social networks monetization using a Direct Link and follow our recommendations!

I want to resell traffic from other networks

If you want to use a Direct link for reselling of traffic to HilltopAds from other networks, you have to be really careful. Unfortunately, even well-known ad networks may have traffic which is unacceptable for HilltopAds. And because of it, your account may be blocked.

To avoid these situations, please contact your personal HilltopAds manager. They will check your traffic and, if necessary, they will ask you to change your traffic source.