Site verification


To successfully monetize your website through HilltopAds, the initial step involves verifying your site within your account. Our priority is to ensure that your site adheres to all of our policies and does not contain any prohibited content. Additionally, the quality of your site's traffic is crucial. We continuously analyze and assess the quality of your traffic, categorizing it into High, Medium, and Low activity. To meet our requirements, your site's audience sources must be identifiable and consist primarily of search and organic traffic.

How to pass site verification successfully?

The larger your site's audience, the better since the advertiser pays for 1000 unique impressions. Constantly increase your audience reach to get more profit. If there are too few visitors on the site, you won't be able to earn much from it.

We also recommend integrating Google Analytics as it positively impacts the metrics.

For successful verification, it is necessary to provide proof of ownership of the added site. It is required to secure our network because we provide only high-quality services for advertisers and, thus, a stable income for publishers. Therefore, we need to know where the traffic is coming from and what exactly you are sending to the system.

How to verify ownership?

Check out our video guide on YouTube!

Site verification video guide

There are two options, choose the most convenient for you or compatible with your CMS system: using txt file or using the meta tag.

In your HilltopAds account, go to the Manage Site & Zones section on the left side of the menu.

  • Next, click the ADD SITE button and enter the site domain.
  • Select a traffic category: Mainstream (My site contains content without age restrictions), Non-mainstream (My site contains 18+ content).
  • Click the Add Site button.
Site verification process in HilltopAds

After that, you will see an available txt file for download and an automatically generated verification code using the meta tag.

1. Verification using a txt file.
To make such verification, you need to download the file and upload it to the root directory of the site, you only need access to the database / SFTP.

Please note if you use a CPM platform, you can verify your website using Meta Tag.

2. Verification using a meta tag.
Copy the generated code and add the meta tag to the HTML code of your site's main page before the </head> tag.

Afterwards, return to your personal account in the Manage Site & Zones section and click on the Verify site button. After clicking, verification occurs automatically.

If this does not happen, then the following is possible:

  • the tag is inserted in the wrong place (insert the tag in the HTML code of the main page of your site before the </head> tag)
  • not all of the code was copied (copy and paste the code again)
  • sometimes technical problems are possible, so please write to the manager

How to verify a website created on a CMS platform?

How to verify WordPress site?

How to verify Blogspot site?

How to verify Hubspot site?

What if the site is rejected?

Common reasons for a site to be rejected during the moderation:

  • The site has no traffic at all.
  • The verification code is incorrect.
  • The site violates the general provisions of the HilltopAds Terms and Conditions.
  • Incorrectly selected category of the site according to age restrictions.
  • Prohibited site content.

Work more on the quality of your site and its content, or correct possible errors, and try to add the site again.