Comprehensive Comparison of Top Affiliate Tracking Tools

Comprehensive Comparison of Top Affiliate Tracking Tools

Affiliate tracking tools have revolutionized the way marketers manage and optimize their advertising campaigns. In this article, we'll delve into the features, benefits, and drawbacks of some popular tracking tools to help you make an informed decision. Let's compare all of the trackers that HilltopAds supports, like Bemob, Keitaro, AdsBridge, AppsFlyer, Voluum, Redtrack, Binom, and Peerclick to find the best fit for your affiliate marketing needs.

The Comparison


Bemob is a cloud-based affiliate tracking platform known for its advanced traffic distribution capabilities. It allows users to optimize campaigns by distributing traffic to the best-performing offers or landing pages. Bemob also supports multiple tracking options, such as tracking with a redirect, or pixel tracking, sometimes called cookieless tracking.

Some other great Bemob features worth mentioning are the advanced traffic distribution, anti-fraud system, multi-currency tracking, and many more.


  • Free plan.
  • Advanced traffic distribution options for effective campaign optimization.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Pixel tracking.
  • Secure cloud solution.


  • A very reliable and fast, however not real-time data.
  • Lack of some integrations.

Bemob can be used with a free plan completely free of charge! This offer is not limited by time, and you can use Bemob for free if you have less than 100,000 monthly events (every impression/visit/click/conversion). If that is not enough, you will need to pay 49, 249, or 499 USD per month, depending on the amount of necessary monthly events.

Best Suited for: Affiliate marketers seeking a cloud-based solution with robust campaign optimization features.


With its robust feature set and user-friendly interface, Keitaro Tracker has gained popularity among marketing professionals worldwide. Whether you're running performance-based campaigns, managing affiliate networks, or analyzing traffic sources, Keitaro Tracker provides the necessary tools to maximize your advertising efforts and boost your ROI.

Keitaro stands out as a self-hosted affiliate tracking software, providing marketers with full control over their tracking data. It offers click fraud detection and bot prevention measures to enhance campaign security. Keitaro's customizable reporting and granular campaign management features allow marketers to dive deep into their data.


  • Self-hosted software providing full control over tracking data.
  • Customizable traffic distribution options.
  • Seamless built-in bot protection service.
  • Integration with more than 120+ traffic sources.
  • Customizable reporting and granular campaign management.


  • Requires technical setup and maintenance.
  • Limited integrations with third-party tools.

The starter plan starts at 53 USD if you pay monthly. The plans go up to 97 and 140 USD, depending on the number of users, domains, and additional features. Every plan has a 14-day trial period.

Best Suited for: Marketers who prefer self-hosted tracking solutions and value click fraud prevention.


AdsBridge is a feature-rich affiliate tracking and optimization platform. It offers split testing capabilities to optimize landing pages and offers for maximum conversions. Marketers benefit from detailed reporting and analytics, empowering data-driven decision-making. The tool also provides traffic distribution options to effectively manage campaigns, as well as many other handy features like Pixel tracking, landing page builder, URL rotator, etc.


  • Split testing capabilities for optimizing landing pages and offers.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics for data-driven decision-making.
  • Accurate traffic distribution options to manage campaigns effectively.
  • Free trial plan.
  • Tracking data from different traffic sources


  • Some users report occasional performance issues.

AdsBridge has a free trial plan that limits you to 50,000 monthly visits. If you want to go bigger, you would need to upgrade to one of the paid plans that cost 29, 89, 199, and 379 USD. Has a free 14-day trial.

Best Suited for: Affiliate marketers looking for robust split testing and analytics features.


AppsFlyer is a mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform that specializes in mobile app tracking. It offers comprehensive analytics and measurement features tailored to mobile campaigns. AppsFlyer boasts extensive integrations with mobile ad networks and platforms, making it a top choice for mobile app developers and marketers. However, it primarily focuses on mobile app tracking and may not be the best fit for marketers running non-mobile campaigns. Additionally, the pricing structure may be higher for small-scale affiliate marketers.


  • Specialized mobile app tracking and attribution.
  • Powerful analytics and measurement for mobile campaigns.
  • Extensive integrations with mobile ad networks and platforms.


  • Primarily focuses on mobile app tracking, may not be suitable for other campaign types.

AppsFlyer has a free-for-life plan called "zero", which is completely free and requires no credit card information. The other plan costs 7¢ per impression, and includes a slew of additional features. You can also try it out for free.

Best Suited for: Mobile app developers and marketers who need in-depth mobile campaign tracking and analytics.


Voluum is a popular cloud-based affiliate tracking platform known for its real-time reporting and analytics capabilities. It was created by the founder of - an advertising network. So you know it was created "for the people, by the people".

Voluum also offers advanced targeting options and traffic distribution capabilities for efficient campaign management. The platform seamlessly integrates with numerous advertising platforms, simplifying campaign setup. The company has also delved into AI territory, with a new traffic distribution AI feature.


  • Real-time reporting and analytics for instant campaign insights.
  • Advanced targeting options and traffic distribution capabilities.
  • Seamless integration with numerous advertising platforms.
  • AI traffic distribution.


  • Higher pricing tiers.
  • The learning curve may be steeper for beginners.

Voluum has a bunch of pricing options for both individuals and enterprises, but even the cheapest plans are quite pricy. The least expensive plan costs 199 USD per month, and supports 20 active campaigns, 6 months of data retention and up to 1,000,000 events.

Best Suited for: Affiliate marketers looking for real-time data analysis and extensive integration options.


Redtrack is a reliable cloud-based tracking platform that includes click fraud detection and prevention measures. It ensures campaign security and integrity. The tool also offers multi-user access and collaboration features, allowing teams to work efficiently.

RedTrack's key features include comprehensive ad tracking capabilities with support for multiple channels, native integration with major advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, TikTok, and more. Additionally, RedTrack offers Facebook CAPI support, enabling marketers to optimize conversions and attribute them accurately, even across different browsers.


  • Cloud-based tracking platform with reliable performance.
  • Click fraud detection and prevention measures.
  • Multi-user access and collaboration features.
  • Native integration with advertising giants.


  • Limited documentation and support resources.
  • Some users find the UI less intuitive.

The cheapest "Solo" plan will cost you 199 USD per month, and it supports 3 million monthly tracking events.

Best Suited for: Marketers seeking a cloud-based solution with click fraud prevention measures.


Binom is a self-hosted tracking software known for its speed and scalability. With its extensive array of functionalities, this platform provides various features such as real-time tracking, conversion tracking, traffic source analysis, and more. It serves as a highly efficient self-hosted tracker that is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience when initiating affiliate campaign tracking. It provides granular reporting and detailed campaign optimization options, empowering marketers with in-depth insights.


  • Self-hosted tracking software known for its speed and scalability.
  • Granular reporting and detailed campaign optimization options.
  • A plethora of tracking methods.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Requires technical expertise for setup and maintenance.
  • Higher upfront costs compared to cloud-based alternatives.


A monthly Binom license will cost you 99 USD, however there are 14 free days available. Additional licenses will cost you an additional 49 USD.

Best Suited for: Experienced marketers who value speed, scalability, and detailed reporting.


Peerclick is a robust cloud-based platform that offers click and conversion tracking features. It enables A/B testing and advanced targeting options for campaign optimization. Peerclick provides real-time reporting and analytics for quick insights into campaign performance, as well as the auto-optimization feature


  • Cloud-based platform with click and conversion tracking features.
  • Advanced targeting options for campaign optimization.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics for quick insights.
  • A lot of available integrations.


  • User interface could be more intuitive.

You can receive 10, 20 or 30% discount by purchasing plans for 6, 12 or 24 months respectively. However, the most basic plan costs 99 USD when paying for a single month.

Best Suited for: Affiliate or perfomance marketers seeking a cloud-based solution with great infrastructure and A/B testing.


Choosing the right affiliate tracking tool is crucial for optimizing your marketing campaigns. Bemob, Keitaro, AdsBridge, AppsFlyer, Voluum, Redtrack, Binom, and Peerclick offer a range of features and benefits to cater to diverse affiliate marketing needs. Consider your requirements, technical expertise, budget, and the specific features offered by each tool to make an informed decision that aligns with your goals and objectives.

Remember, conducting thorough research and testing these tools using trial versions or demos will provide you with the best insight into which one suits your unique needs.