How I earn $1,200 weekly using HilltopAds Popunder mobile

How I earn $1,200 weekly using HilltopAds Popunder mobile

Introducing our new practical case study, where one of our active publishers shares his experience working with HilltopAds. In this short interview, you will learn how he uses our platform to monetize non-mainstream tube content, his personal impressions of collaborating with a top manager, and why he recommends the HilltopAds platform for working with non-mainstream traffic.

Key points:

Name: Matthew
Ad formats: Popunder mobile of HilltopAds
Website category: Non-mainstream
Earnings: $1,200 weekly

A bit about the publisher and his website:

Our publisher's name is Matthew. He has been working in the advertising business for over 20 years, both as a publisher and advertiser. His traffic is focused on non-mainstream content. Speaking of the GEO, 80% of his traffic comes from the Middle East, from countries such as Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.

A fact from the publisher: he chose the HilltopAds advertising platform because of the very good rates for these countries.

Matthew also works with GEOs such as the USA, France, Germany, Sweden, and Canada. And all this is not from Popups but from Popunders. That is, 90% of his traffic is from mobile devices.

Publisher Matthew is also actively engaged in SEO promotion of his website. We invite you to take a look at the website statistics in the screenshot:

Website statistics from SimilarWeb

Matthew experimented with ad formats but decided to settle on the Popunder format for his non-mainstream website. Let's take a closer look at this ad format.

About ad formats:

Popunder mobile is one of the most popular online ad formats. It is cost-effective, has the highest CPM rates for high-quality traffic, and is easy to launch.

On mobile devices, the format works as follows: when a user clicks on a website or application, the ad window appears beneath the main window, attracting the user's attention. However, in most cases, users only notice Popunder when they click on the close button of the current tab. They can also be triggered by actions like scrolling, clicking, or an exit intent.

How to monetize a website using Popunder on the HilltopAds platform?? Check out the guide!

What is Popup and Popunder ad formats?
And how to add Popup and Popunder on your website

A Publisher's Story

How have you known about HilltopAds?

I was seeking a company that would provide me with high-quality Popunders. I found a company called HilltopAds through Google. Initially, I was a bit concerned as I read comments about the company, and many of them suggested that the company doesn’t pay out money. However, from experience, I know that such comments are often crafted by people trying to defraud the company in various ways, like through arbitrage.

How was your experience with HilltopAds after registering?

After swiftly registering, a manager named Denis contacted me, who is one of the best managers with whom I’ve had the chance to cooperate (I write this in the present tense). I had quite a few questions on the first day for Denis, and I felt like I ‘burdened’ him with the number of messages. Of course, I asked Denis about those unfortunate comments and the possibilities of money withdrawals. And my suspicion was confirmed: if I have organic traffic, primarily from the SERP, everything will be okay. I had to wait one day to receive the correct advertising code because I cared greatly that the popunder would only display in certain areas on my site. The next day, I inserted the correct code onto the site. I was delighted that the code is light and doesn’t slow down my site’s operation.

As a new publisher, I had to wait until payout day for two weeks because those are the terms. But during that time, Denis already reassured me that I would receive the money. Part of the proxy traffic was redirected to another popunder provider, a company with which I also had a very long cooperation.

Meanwhile, I continuously checked to make sure that HilltopAds wasn’t trying to cheat me by occasionally adding a few Popups instead of Popunders. But so far, I have never encountered this.

After two weeks, I received the earned money, which was most crucial to me, as it is for every publisher, obviously.

Why are you still working with HilltopAds?

Working with various companies, I had a significant problem with viruses. It turned out that besides adding various codes to my site like the Google calendar, the Popunders are clean from viruses. Looking at this, I know that HilltopAds cares very much for its publishers and filters out bad ads.

How much do you earn on the HilltopAds platform?

Currently, I earn between 800-1200 dollars weekly, and I also receive payouts every week, without delays. Everything also depends on my traffic, as Google releases more and more algorithm updates, and this mainly influences my income.

Sometimes it happens that one day I have a very low RPM, but it’s enough to write to the wonderful manager Denis, and within 1 to 2 days, everything returns to normal. It’s also worth adding that I do not incur any costs for international transfers or PayPal.

Here you can see what CPM rates Matthew receives for his traffic from each country:
Publisher's Statistics from the HilltopAds account

And here is the complete Payment history of Matthew's payouts on the HilltopAds platform. Impressive, isn't it?

Publisher's Payment history from the HilltopAds account (How it started)
Publisher's Payment history from the HilltopAds account
Publisher's Payment history from the HilltopAds account (Payments now)

What recommendations would you give to publishers who have never worked with HilltopAds?

I also have some advice for future HilltopAds publishers:

  • Good traffic from Google and direct
  • Never cheat the company
  • Completely avoid arbitrage

I write this as a person who has devoted a lot of time to working as an advertiser, and advertisers block traffic that never converts, just like me.

From the bottom of my heart, I can recommend the company HilltopAds and manager Denis, who is truly a wonderful person and always offers some advice. Currently, I use one format, which is popunder, but still, this month, I want to compare other advertising units, e.g., In Page Push.

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