What is Popup and Popunder ad formats?


Pop-up and pop-under ad formats are highly effective ways to capture the attention of your audience and generate higher conversions. In HilltopAds, we provide user-friendly tools to help you incorporate these formats into your website monetization strategy. This ad format is CPM-based.

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What is a Pop-up ad format?

A pop-up ad is a separate window that appears above the main browser window and takes the website visitor to the tab with the advertisement, typically triggered by a specific action or time delay.

An example of a Pop-up ad format

What is a Pop-under ad format?

A pop-under ad opens in a new browser window underneath the current window, ensuring that it remains in view when the user closes the main window. This format offers less interruption to the user experience while still delivering the advertiser's message.

An example of a Pop-under ad format

How to create a Pops ad zone on a website?

  1. Go to the Manage Site & Zones section;
  2. Click on the Add zone button which is available only for a verified website;
If you have not verified a website yet, check out the guide!
Site verification
How to verify a website using a Verification code or Meta Tag

3. Specify the Name of a zone;
4. Select the Popunder ad format from the ad formats list.
5. Copy the necessary code and paste it on the page of your website before the </body> tag.

A Popunder ad zone creation process

What a Popunder ad code should you choose?

In HilltopAds, you can work with 4 types of Popunder ad codes:

  • Direct URL is a format for opening Popunder ads when clicking on a specific element of the website. You can place this type of code anywhere on the site - on a button, image, etc.
  • Popunder script is a JS code for Popunder without an anti AdBlock solution. This is suitable for those whose traffic is mostly mobile.
  • Popunder S2S anti AdBlock or Popunder script with anti AdBlock are JS codes with Anti AdBlock solution. These scripts are perfect for those whose traffic is mostly desktop.

What are the default settings?

The default settings are:

  • Popup ad format;
  • 3 Popups per hour will be opened on a website;
  • Popup will be opened by clicking on any area on a website page.
If you want to use a Popunder ad format or change other default settings, please contact your personal manager via Telegram, Skype, email or online chat on the website.

When ads will be shown on a website?

If you have done everything correctly - verify a website, add a Pops ad code before the </body> tag - ads will be shown immediately. If ads don't work, please check out the guide.