What is an In-Page Push ad format?


In-Page is an advertising format that looks like a push notification on the right side of your website when a user visits it. In-Page ads resemble small messages with an image. This ad format is CPM-based.

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You are probably familiar with this ad format as you receive push notifications every day, such as payment reminders from online stores or updates from your favourite games.

In-Page ads look exactly the same, but the difference from push notifications is that In-Page ads are specifically tied to visits to your website, rather than specific actions on the site or in the application.

An In-Page ads example

How to create an In-Page ad zone?

To create an In-Page ad zone for your website please do the following steps:

  1. Go to the Manage Site & Zones section;
  2. Click on the Add Zone button.
Please note that the Add Zone button is available only for verified sites. If you have not verified a website yet, check out the guide:
Site verification
How to verify a website using a Verification code or Meta Tag

3. Specify the Name of a zone;
4. Select an In-Page ad format from the list of ad formats;
5. Copy a JS code and paste it before the </body> tag.

An In-Page ad zone creation process

What are the default settings?

The default settings are:

  • One In-Page ad will be opened immediately upon entering a website;
  • The second In-Page will be opened after 3 seconds from the first In-Page;
  • In-Page ads open on every page of your website;
  • Two In-Page ads will be opened once per hour.
If you want to change the default settings, please contact your personal manager via Telegram, Skype, email or online chat on the website.

When ads will be shown on a website?

If you have done everything correctly - verify a website, add an In-Page ad code before the </body> tag - ads will be shown immediately. If ads don't work, please check out the guide.