How to Monetize TikTok: Basic Earning Methods

How to Monetize TikTok: Basic Earning Methods

The notion that only Generation Z uses TikTok is no longer relevant. The social network covers a wide audience. As TikTok statistics show, there are also users over the age of 25. Besides that, do not forget that Generation Z is growing, and now they are already quite adult paying users.

Soon, TikTok will compete with YouTube, which still holds the leading position. Social networks have actively picked up the trend for short videos, trying to implement video content on their platforms as much as possible and monetize their accounts. Facebook is trying to compete with TikTok.

Brands, bloggers, influencers and ordinary users can not only invest in TikTok ads for promotion, but also receive income from campaigns and advertising collaborations. There are several methods of TikTok monetization.

Integrated video ads on TikTok

There is a trivial and simple way to make money on TikTok – direct advertising. This is a fast monetization method on any platform. How much does TikTok pay for ads?

You can advertise and spread information about other bloggers and brands on your page. You are free to choose the format yourself – mention the name, leave a link to the account once or several times. The format is arbitrary, depending on the cooperation agreements. The advertised blogger builds up an audience, thanks to which monetization works for you.

You can try to advertise on the network even with a minimum number of subscribers. But it makes sense to fully sell advertising on TikTok if you already have more than 10 thousand subscribers. In this case, you will get tangible profits. Earnings depend on the number of subscribers and the popularity of the advertised niche. The price starts from $13 per mention.

There are three ways to advertise:

  • mention another account in the video;
  • leave a link to the site or other social network in the bio or under the video;
  • mutual PR with other authors.

Monetization does not set limits on the number of mentions. However, it is better not to overdo it: if the ads become intrusive, users will start to block the account. Be careful, limit yourself to 5-10 advertising posts per month. If you don't have offers yet, try bartering first to build your audience.
TikTok monetization through direct advertising allows you to earn without restrictions, this is its advantage. More active followers, higher conversion – you will start making money on TikTok without any extra effort.

Become a Brand Ambassador

This method of making money on TikTok is not suitable for beginners, as brands prefer to cooperate with popular accounts that have a wide and high-quality audience. If you meet these conditions, you can become a brand ambassador and advertise products, monetizing your TikTok. Cooperation under a mutual agreement is concluded for a certain period.

You, as a representative of the brand, undertake to constantly use its products in videos, Tik Tok live broadcasts, mark videos with special thematic hashtags, participate in promotions, etc. The product can be used in a challenge or used as a prop in the shooting of a drawing. The task of the ambassador is not direct sales, but drawing attention to the brand, increasing audience loyalty.

How much does TikTok pay? It depends on the popularity of the account and the conditions set out in the contract. The brand ambassador title has other benefits for those looking to make money on TikTok. In addition to monetizing a TikTok account, this is an opportunity to be the first to test products, receive personal discounts, and brand products for free.

To become a brand ambassador and make money on TikTok, you need to develop your own profile and grow your audience. Cooperation is beneficial for both parties. Many brands are interested in promoting on TikTok. At the same time, you can also send a request for cooperation yourself.

Since TikTok is committed to protecting its users, collaboration on this social network must be official. To formalize the relationship between the brand and the blogger, the Creator Marketplace was created on the platform.

To register, go to your Creator account in your profile settings. Then click on TikTok Creator Marketplace to manage your account, set sponsored video bids, and edit your profile.

Then brands will have access to statistics and will offer cooperation. However, a blogger cannot choose brands for cooperation.

Earnings on integrations depend on the number of subscribers. How many followers on TikTok to get paid?

  • with 100,000+ subscribers you can earn from $100 to $200 for advertising;
  • from 200,000 to 1 million subscribers – $250-500;
  • more than 1 million subscribers – from $1000 and above.

Promotion of One’s Own Services/Products

TikTok monetization is suitable for experts and professionals able to share useful and unique information. If it seems to you that your professional field  does not fit into the standards of the social network, probably you are mistaken. Monetization in TikTok can be achieved even in niches with «serious content», like psychology, medicine, jurisprudence.

How to earn money on TikTok to promote your own services? You can blog and talk about activities, give expert advice, useful recommendations, share news and opinions. This format is suitable for coaches, teachers, photographers.

Monetization scheme is based on attracting traffic, which is then converted into customers. Be sure to include into the video or profile a link to Instagram or the site. There the audience will ask additional questions about problems and buy services. Thus, you increase user loyalty and build trust. How much you get paid will depend on the products and services you offer through your account.

If you are involved in e-commerce and promoting products, then you should talk about the process of creating products (there's always an interesting topic behind the scenes), show customer reviews and demonstrate products.

TikTok is ideal for the info business: there is an opportunity to «warm up» the audience, prepare it for a purchase, and form an offer for such a «warmed» group.

Bloggers actively creating their own content on TikTok can join the Creator Fund. Thus, earnings will come directly from TikTok. You can become a member of the program:

  • if you are over 18 years old;
  • if you have more than ten thousand real subscribers;
  • if your videos have collected at least 100 thousand video views in the last 30 days.

TikTok Live Broadcasts Monetization

How to monetize TikTok using live broadcasts? This format is available to those who have more than 1,000 followers. Only these accounts get access to the streaming feature. Live shows on TikTok allow you to advertise products in two ways:

  • Conduct a live broadcast on the subject of promotional products. During the broadcast, you can show the product, demonstrate its advantages, and make a detailed review. On average, live ads cost $27, but a lot will depend on account statistics.
  • Coin earnings. This monetization method is only available on this social network. Users buy stickers for TikTok coins (they are called diamonds) throughout the live broadcast and give them to the blogger for interesting information. He receives 80% of the sticker value on his balance, and then he can convert them into real money and withdraw to the card. How many likes on TikTok to get paid? What will be the income? For every 200 diamonds you can get about $1, it takes 10 coins to buy 1 sticker. The amount will depend on the number of donated coins and the level of user activity. In order for the audience to leave a «tip», conduct high-quality live broadcasts. If ether has proven to be very popular, diamonds can also be obtained from TikTok itself.

Diamonds are accumulated on the LIVE Gifts balance, then they can be withdrawn to your payment account. The minimum withdrawal amount from TikTok is $10, you simply cannot withdraw less. Please note that a maximum of six withdrawal methods can be linked to each TikTok account. If you participate in multiple features or monetization programs, earnings will be sorted into different sections within the Balance section. For example, individual profits can be withdrawn from the Creator Fund or LIVE Gifts program.

How does TikTok make money on streaming? For this you need:

  • offer useful content (tips, life hacks);
  • analyze the interests of the audience;
  • answer the questions;
  • hold thematic competitions;
  • perform simple tasks for donations, for example, sing your favorite song for N number of coins;
  • shoot videos of unpacking, excursions, reports.

This way of earning is pretty difficult, since it is important to keep the attention of the audience and at the same time advertise products. Another disadvantage is the lack of analytics. You will not be able to track the number of clicks to the site after a live broadcast or referrals to monetize a TikTok account.

Advertising goods and services is an easy way to make money. You need to shoot ads on a topic specified by the customer. It can be a product review, or a video review.

How to make money on TikTok direct advertising? TikTok monetization is available in three ways:

  • barter advertising;
  • paid PR;
  • discounts, promo codes.

The cost of the video will vary depending on the popularity of the account, the number of subscribers and the level of involvement. The higher these indicators, the higher the price of advertising – the monetization grows accordingly.
On average, monetization through advertising of goods and services can bring from $80 to $140. However, you should not fill the feed exclusively with purchased videos. As with integrated advertising, it's best to limit yourself to 5-10 posts per month. If you do not have enough subscribers, you can place an offer for services on advertising exchanges, in thematic groups on other social networks. Do not expect millions from the first advertising collaborations, everything comes with time.

Referral Programs as a Means of TikTok Monetization

TikTok referral or affiliate monetization programs are suitable for narrowly focused channels. This way of earning involves placing an affiliate link and mentioning the brand in the video. In return, you receive commissions from the sale, registration, installation of the application – any given target action. The peculiarity is that the brand pays for each client who comes from you, and not just for advertising integration. Similar monetization programs are implemented by many major brands, including AliExpress, Ebay, iHerb and others.

Please note that referral programs have different conditions. The company sets a certain percentage, which in the process of cooperation gives monetization.

How to find affiliate programs to make money on Tik Tok?

  • on the websites of companies, online stores, services;
  • in CPA networks (interaction model);
  • search Google for «Affiliate Programs for TikTok».

Many companies are looking for promoted profiles for advertising. If your videos are popular and get recommended, you can monetize your account. You will definitely receive a counter offer for cooperation if you are persistently looking for how to make money on TikTok.

Participation in TikTok Challenges

This social network is also the leader in holding challenges. On the platform, you can regularly get an offer to participate in trials. Such type of monetization requires a creative approach.

Challenges are usually held to attract attention to products and increase brand popularity among users. If the account is promoted, has 10+ thousand subscribers, it is quite possible to earn from $135 per video and monetize your account.

The official hashtag challenge can be launched through the TikTok Ads Manager. The blogger receives an offer to record a video with a hashtag, the audience must pick up the baton and shoot their own videos. Thus, the product gains popularity, the brand gains user loyalty, and the blogger earns.

TikTok Monetization Key Features

The key driver of TikTok monetization is engagement rate. To make money on this social network, you do not need to have a multi-million audience. Videos can go viral even if you have 1,000 followers. Activity is important here –  likes, reposts, comments.

Trends are changing rapidly. Popularity directly depends on trends within the social network. TikTok monetization requires following the trends that change daily.

Stand out among the crowd. Users watch millions of videos every day, looking for something original and unusual. To understand how to make money on TikTok, you need to be original, different from the rest..

TikTok audience is changing. Remember that the number of users is increasing, the older generation is joining the site. You can make money on TikTok if you show enough perseverance and patience.

The question of how to get paid on TikTok is relevant for many. There are basic rules that will help you monetize your TikTok account.

  • Regularity is the key to success. The audience reacts positively to publications. If you post content on a schedule, users will wait for your posts and monitor account activity.
  • Content quality: keep in mind the high resolution of the video, the correct focus and the light in the frame.
  • Hold the viewer: if the video is watched to the end, then you have created interesting and useful content. Tik Tok algorithms will add such a video to the recommendations themselves.
  • Follow your chosen topic.

Use all available methods and mechanisms of the social network for TikTok monetization. The platform allows you to monetize your account and earn income through collaborations with brands, bloggers, influencers, live broadcasts and advertising of goods or services.

TikTok is growing rapidly. The audience of the social network is expanding, thereby opening up additional opportunities for earning. There are several ways to get a source of income using your own account. The popularity of the site is only increasing, so there's a sense to know how does TikTok make money and start monetizing your content.