June 2024: CPA Goal, Targeting by Interests, and Other Platform Updates

June 2024: CPA Goal, Targeting by Interests, and Other Platform Updates

The time has come to share with our audience the major platform updates for this quarter! We worked hard to deliver exciting news for both publishers and advertisers, so stay tuned until the end of the article to learn about all the details!

For Advertisers

This quarter has been rich in exceptional new features for advertisers.

CPA Goal

The cherry on top is this irreplaceable tool in the advertiser's arsenal. The true power of this feature lies in its ability to optimize your ad spending by automatically removing non-performing traffic zones from ad campaigns based on the rules and limits you set up initially. Learn more important details about this update in this article.

The settings of the CPA Goal feature

Target X (ex Twitter) Audience

We also released a new option for those who interested in targeting their ads to users of popular social media platforms. So now, after you login into your personal account, go to the "Manage Campaigns" tab, press "Add Campaign" and scroll down to the Mobile Application (inside of the "Campaign Targetings" section), there you will find: 'Twitter' now as well among other popular social media platforms. Use it wisely!

Targeting by Interests

We continue our series of incredible updates with a feature that allows you to reach a warmed-up segment of your audience. To activate this function, navigate to the "Campaign Targetings" section (as described above) and turn on the switch next to the field labeled "interests." A small window with available interests will pop up. Choose the options that best suit your advertising strategy. More infromation about targeting by interests can be found in this article!

For Publishers

For our publishers, we decided to enhance user comfort by adding a small but important updates.

Language button for email newsletter

Now you can easily select a convenient language in which you will receive newsletter from HilltopAds. Just go to 'My Account' tab and choose an option that suits you the most!

Shortened DL

The last but not least is a news for publishers who usually monetizes their traffic with Direct Links but struggles due to the characters limits in the social media posts. Now you can request a shorten version of the Direct Link from your personal manager and overcome this issue!

For All the Users

Since all our updates are made for you and your satisfaction with our platform, we decided to simplify the way you can give us the idea of what you want to see at HilltopAds.

Now, if you think of a function or a tool that HilltopAds could integrate to improve your experience with out platform, you can share your proposal through the "Suggest a new feature" section inside your personal account.

That's it for this quarter. Be sure to try these innovative features and boost your profits with HilltopAds!