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Ad network and traffic monetization platform HilltopAds

HilltopAds is an advertising network for online products, brands, website owners, bloggers and mobile app developers.

We offer premium direct traffic sources and innovative advertising techniques that allow our partners to earn high profit.









CPA Goal

CPA Goal

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The best solution for advertisers, publishers and agencies

HilltopAds is a leading online advertising platform with billions of high-quality impressions, performance-based targeting options and anti-fraud solutions that connects brands with their potential customers from all over the world and helps publishers make money online.

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  • High quality traffic

  • Advanced API tools

  • Worldwide coverage

Advertisers card iconAdvertisers

HilltopAds helps brands to reach their customers from all over the world

  • Advanced targeting options
  • Direct traffic sources
  • Self-serve platform
  • Fully-managed service
  • Postback tracking
  • Advanced API tools
  • Work with Agencies

Publishers card iconPublishers

HilltopAds helps webmasters and bloggers to get high earnings

  • Anti AdBlock solutions
  • Advanced API tools
  • Weekly payouts with Net7
  • Only clean pre-approved ads
  • Direct/Smart link
  • Postback tracking of impressions

RTB card iconRTB

HilltopAds provides buying and selling traffic by dynamical CPM in real time

  • DSP, SSP
  • oRTB, XML
  • Fast bidding speed
  • Built-in anti-fraud system
  • Ad Exchange
Hilltopads panel screen
  • High quality traffic

  • Advanced API tools

  • Worldwide coverage

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6 the best converting ad formats 6 the best converting ad formats

Popunder format rendering


CPM-based, a popunder or popup ad is a type of advertisement that appears in a new window or tab behind the current one.

Popunder ad is one of the oldest and most popular forms of online advertising. Popunder ads are effective because they have a higher conversion rate than other types of ads.

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In-Page format rendering


CPM- or CPC-based, In-Page is an advertising format that looks like a push notification on a website when a user visits it.

In-Page ads resemble small messages with an image. In-Page desktop and mobile size of an image: 192x192.

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Video VAST format rendering

Video VAST

Video VAST is a link with an ad feed which is placed to a video player on a website. Ads will be shown before the main video (pre-roll).

Additionally you can run mid-roll and post-roll. VAST ads are perfect for increasing brand awareness as well as for promoting entertainment offers. Works on movie websites, streaming and other sites with video content.

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Video slider format rendering

Video Slider

When visitors visit a website, the video ad will appear at the bottom right corner. Video Slider format is not tied to a specific player and can be placed on any website.

Banner format rendering


CPM- or CPC-based, a banner ad format is placed on a website page. Banner is one of the most attractive ad formats. Banner desktop and mobile sizes: 300x250.

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MultiTag format rendering


MultiTag is a powerful feature that allows webmasters to display multiple ad formats on your website simultaneously. You can monetize your website with multiple ad types, optimising your revenue potential.

MultiTag In-Page contains In-Page and Popup ad formats. MultiTag Banner contains Banner and Popup ad formats.

Why do you need HilltopAds? Why do you need HilltopAds?

Self-serve platform

You can run advertisements or monetize websites and traffic sources within 5 minutes using our online advertising platform for advertisers and publishers. Also HilltopAds provides s2s (postback) conversion tracking for both sides and API tools.

Do you have no time?

Use our Fully-managed ad network option!

Anti AdBlock solutions

With our Anti AdBlock code publishers will never lose ad impressions due to Ad Blockers. By preventing ad blockers from interfering with ads, publishers can increase their revenue potential from ad clicks and impressions. And advertisers will get all website traffic without exception.

AdBlock solution
Payment methods Payment methods Payment methods

8 payment methods

HilltopAds provides both publishers and advertisers with the most well-known payment methods to make a deposit or get a payment. You can select USDT TRC20/ERC20, Bitcoin, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Paxum, WebMoney, Wise, Credit Card or Capitalist.

  • The minimum deposit for advertisers is $50.
  • The minimum payout for webmasters is $20.

Direct traffic sources

The HilltopAds system analizes and segments traffic by user activity. Thanks to it, advertisers can target ad campaigns to high activity users and get high ROI, and publishers can increase revenue by selling high quality traffic

Direct traffic sources Direct traffic sources
Personal support

Personal support

All advertisers and publishers get qualified personal support from their managers via E-mail, Skype, Telegram, or online chat from Monday to Friday in business hours.

Auto optimization of traffic sources

Auto Optimization helps advertisers and agencies automatically add non-profitable traffic sources to a BlackList, optimizing traffic and maximizing results. It saves you time and effort while boosting your ROI.

Join HilltopAds now!

One of the top ad networks that will boost your results in online advertising!


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