Why you need a modern anti adblock killer script for extra earnings

Why you need a modern anti adblock killer script for extra earnings

Website owners can use anti-adblock solutions to display ads on their sites, even if a user has an Adblock tool enabled. This enables publishers to regain lost revenue due to advertising blocking tools usage. In the past five years, the popularity of ads blocking tools has been a significant online trend, leading publishers to explore ways to fight their impact. This article will explain how it works and the options available to publishers to counteract them and recover lost income.

What is special about this script and why is it so important?

An anti adblock killer script is a piece of anti adblock code that is integrated into a website's code to detect and prevent adblockers from functioning on that website. It is designed to identify the presence of an adblock protector script and disable it, allowing ads to be displayed on the website as intended. The script can be created using various programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, and Python.

Adblockers are browser extensions and mobile device applications that can prevent ads from being displayed on a website or device. The most popular tools are AdBlock and AdBlock Plus, UBlock and often can be installed for free. These extensions have become increasingly popular, with more than 40% of internet users employing them. The use of ad blockers can have a significant impact on publishers' revenue as ads are not being displayed to a large portion of their audience. This means publishers are losing potential profit from ad clicks and impressions.

The main idea of using a killer script is to prevent adblockers from interfering with a website's ads. By disabling them, publishers can be sure their ads are displayed to their audience, resulting in increased revenue.

How anti adblock code works

An anti adblock blocker identifies an adblocker's presence on a user's browser. It does this by checking for the presence of specific elements that are added by ad blockers. Once the script has detected the presence of an advertisement blocker, it can take various actions to disable it.

One common action that killer scripts take is to hide content or display a message to users asking them to disable their ads blocker. This can be an effective way to encourage users to disable their blockers, but it can also result in a negative user experience. Because many users prefer to avoid any popup requests that disrupt their internet surfing experience. Modern anti adblock killer scripts are not asking users to disable it unlike the previous generation anti-ad blocker and can take a more subtle approach by bypassing the ads blocker without affecting the user experience.

Benefits of using modern scripts

There are several benefits to using modern killer scripts, including:

  1. Increased Revenue: By preventing ad blockers from interfering with ads, publishers can increase their revenue potential from ad clicks and impressions.
  2. Improved User Experience: Ability to bypass ad blockers without affecting the user experience. This means that users can continue to browse the website without being prompted to disable their advertisement blockers or experiencing issues with content being hidden.
  3. Customizable Settings: Recent scripts often come with customizable settings that allow publishers to control how the adblock script behaves on their website. This includes options to hide content or display messages to users, as well as the ability to whitelist certain pages or content.
  4. Compatibility: Latest scripts are designed to be compatible with a wide range of browsers and devices. This ensures that the script will work effectively on any device or browser that a user may be using.
  5. Enhanced Analytics: Anti-adblock scripts can also provide publishers with enhanced analytics, allowing them to track the number of users who are using ad blockers and adjust their ad strategy accordingly.

Why should an advertising network use the latest anti adblock scripts?

The prevalence of advertisement blockers has sparked an arms race, with webmasters constantly having to switch, monitor, and update these scripts. As a consequence, this has become a laborious and frustrating task for them.

As an ad network, HilltopAds relies on publishers to display ads on their websites. The use of ad blockers can have a significant impact on publishers' revenue, as ads are not being displayed to a large portion of the audience. So by developing modern anti ad block scripts, the network can protect their customers’ earnings and ensure that ads are being displayed as intended, taking over all the difficult and routine work.

In addition, using an anti adblock blocker script can provide the network with valuable insights into the number of users who are using ad blockers. This information can help the network adjust its advertising strategy and optimize ad targeting to maximize revenue potential.

Tips to set up anti-adblock in your personal account

To set up an anti-adblock in HilltopAds click on the ADD ZONE button next to your previously added site in the Manage Sites & Zones section of your account.

Then choose preferred invocation code:

  • Direct URL
  • Popunder script
  • Popunder server-to-server anti AdBlock
  • Popunder script with anti AdBlock
Anti-adblock in HilltopAds

And add the following code to your site. Done!

In today's digital advertising world, when the use of ad blockers has become increasingly prevalent, leading to a decline in revenue for publishers, finding ways to get around obstacles has become critical. However, by using modern anti adblock killer scripts, publishers can protect their advertising revenue and ensure that ads are being displayed to their audience. HilltopAds constantly researches the adblock script technologies and has implemented the latest anti-ads block codes. It is developed by our savvy tech team and can be easily optimized and customized upon any advertising needs.

Thus our publishers can benefit from using them and protecting their advertising revenue, improving the user experience, and gaining valuable insights into the use of adblockers.

It is clear that using an anti adblock blocker is crucial for both publishers and ad networks to maximize potential profits and provide a positive user experience.

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