Choose the right popunder script with an anti ad-block solution

Popunder ads are one of the oldest types of online advertising. They have been around since the early days of the popunder ad networks and are still very popular today.

Choose the right popunder script with an anti ad-block solution

However, popunders can be annoying to users, especially if they are not relevant to the content of the website they are visiting. Additionally, the use of ad-blockers has made it harder for advertisers to reach their target audience. In this blog article, we will discuss how to choose the right popunder script with an anti ad-block solution to avoid all pitfalls.

First, let's define what is a popunder

A popunder (pop-under) is an invisible layer on a website which remains hidden until the user clicks on the page. As soon as it happens, a new tab opens with your target URL, displaying your advertisement.

Pop-under is commonly known as a type of online advertisement that appears (pops) in a separate window or tab behind (under) the active browser tab. Unlike pop-ups, which appear in front of the main tab and require the user to close them, popunders are less obtrusive and allow the user to continue browsing the website without interruption.

Popunder network connects relevant website publishers with advertisers and thus can be an effective way to advertise products or services online. However, they can also be annoying to users if they are not apt to the content of the website they are visiting. This is why it is important to choose the right popunder script with an anti ad-block solution.

Pop-under script

HilltopAds has developed its own pop-under script and anti ad-block solution, which ensures that your ads are displayed and reach your target audience even if the user is using an ad-blocker.

The level of user activity also matters and depends on how many times they have been exposed to your popunder ads. If a user has seen an ad fewer times, their activity is likely to be higher. HilltopAds has appropriate popunder traffic that allows you to target users based on their activity level, offering three different levels to choose from: high (higher CTR, low volume and above average cost), medium (all average CTR, volume and cost) and low (low CTR, high volume and lower average cost).

How segmentation will help you?

HilltopAds has implemented a new unique development in the system that eliminates traffic sources if bots and cheats were detected, and distributes the remaining sources into 3 segments:
The traffic segments in HilltopAds
  • The HIGH ACTIVITY segment contains the highest quality traffic sources that will convert your ad in the best possible way. Choosing this segment, you will show your ad to a very active audience, which will cause a surge in conversions.
    No optimization is needed - the system itself will continue to scan traffic, and in case of decrease in quality, it will AUTOMATICALLY exclude it from your campaign.
  • MEDIUM ACTIVITY contains users who have an average quality and activity score. This segment is more suitable for those expanding their audience, as well as those working with Black/White lists.
  • The LOW ACTIVITY segment contains users who are least likely to complete the target action, but are Not BOT traffic. Suitable for those who decide to get the maximum number of impressions at the lowest price.

Main aspects of success

It is very important to consider the relevance of the advertisement to the content of the website. If popunder ads are not apt to the content of the website, then users are more probable to find them irritative and may be more likely to use an ad-blocker to block popunder.

To ensure that your ads are relevant to the content of the website, you should consider using contextual advertising. Contextual advertising uses keywords to match advertisements to the content of the website. This provides that your ads are relevant to the user and are more likely to be clicked on.

In addition to using contextual advertising, you should also consider using retargeting. Retargeting allows you to target users who have already visited your website or have shown an interest in your products or services. This ensures that your ads are more likely to be clicked on and can help to increase your conversion rate.

Pro tips: use pop-unders even more effectively

When using popunder ad, it is also important to consider the user experience. Popunders can be annoying to users if they are not relevant or if they are too intrusive. To ensure a positive user experience, you should consider the following:

  1. Use frequency capping. Limit the number of times your popunder ads are displayed to each user. This ensures that your ads are not too intrusive and do not annoy the user.
  2. Use appropriate ad sizes. Use ad sizes that are appropriate for the content of the website. This ensures that your ads are not too large or too small and do not interfere with the user's browsing experience.
  3. Ad formats. You can choose desktop or mobile ad formats when setting up a campaign. If you need both, then you should create two campaigns for each format.
Here is a quick guide to set up a popunder campaign inside your personal account. This is the top ad format for many verticals and is chosen by many advertisers, and with good reason.
Setting up a Popunder campaign
  1. Go to Manage Campaigns section on the left menu bar
  2. Click Add Campaign button
  3. Choose ad format: Popunder desktop or Popunder mobile
  4. Select traffic channels: Mainstream or Non-Mainstream 18+ (High, Medium or Low)
  5. Name ad campaign
  6. Fill in the Final Destination URL field (your domain starting with http)
  7. Choose targeting options
  8. Activate Automatic optimization
  9. Set Campaign limits (impressions, budget)
  10. Schedule your campaign
  11. Check Traffic Volumes to find best fitting pricing model
  12. Press Add campaign button

Your personal manager is always there to help you find the best match of pricing and conversion, so feel free to ask for personal offers.

Notice that, popunder malware is strictly prohibited by the terms of use of popunder ad network HilltopAds as a high quality service provider.

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