Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller

How I earned $3,000 using Popunder and Direct Link formats at HilltopAds

A story from a website owner who has been working with HilltopAds for 4 months and has earned more than $3,000.

HOT GEO Giveaway: October

We continue to delight you with cash gifts in honor

How to Get Paid on Facebook: Some Effective Tricks to Make Money

Every third person on the planet has a page in this social network, but how many of them know how to get paid from Facebook?

Running the Casino offer at HilltopAds: ROI 182,73%

A case study about running Casino offers at HilltopAds with the detailed ad campaign settings

HOT GEO Giveaway: October

Giveaway period: from October 1 to October 31 inclusive Grand Prize: $2,000/per user

September 2023: Advanced statistics, new API methods, Proxy and Webview traffic.

From July to September, we did a lot of optimization work. Now the HilltopAds platform not only simplifies your work but also reduces your costs, thereby increasing your profit!

From Likes to Profits Instagram Monetization: Insider Tips for Successful Business

Increasing the status of monetizing Instagram can be done in various ways: from promoting your services or goods, to advertising affiliate links. What will you choose?

How to Monetize TikTok: Basic Earning Methods

How to make money on TikTok? How does monetization work and how to get paid on TikTok? How to earn more on this social network? We answer all these questions in the article.

HilltopAds user account interface for advertisers

About each section of a personal account for advertisers

Who Are Publishers in Advertising and How They Differ from Advertisers

Advertiser vs publisher: what is included in these concepts, what differences exist and what option to choose for a novice webmaster – let’s look at these issues.