Increase your income with just one format!

Increase your income with just one format!

Data is current as of 11/14/2022.

But what to do when you need to start ASAP monetization, and there is absolutely no time to analyze CPM rates for each format separately and optimize ad impressions on the site?

Use the new MULTITAG format!

Why do I need Multitag?

Multitag is a unique HilltopAds advertising code. By placing it on your website, the publisher immediately receives 3 important advantages:

  1. You don't need to place multiple ad codes separately for each ad format.
  2. No need to spend hours analyzing the right ad format for your site's audience.
  3. Get high CPM rates and perfectly matched ads for your site.

How does Multitag work?

Multitag works like an autopilot for publishers. You install the script on your site, and then Multitag works instead of you: it analyzes the content of your site, audience activity, data on GEO rates of your audience and shows the most relevant and highly paid ad format.

As a result, Multitag selects the ideal combination of ad format and CPM rates, so your audience makes more conversions, and you increase your income!

How to install Multitag on my site?

In the Manage Site & Zones section of your HilltopAds publisher account, find the site you need and click the Add Zone button. Select the unique MULTITAG format from the list of formats and confirm your choice. Next, download or copy the script and place it in your site's code.

Ready! Now on your site, Popunder or In-Page ads will be shown depending on the audience’s preferences.

You can find out more about other ad zones settings in our guide:
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Thanks to Multitag, you don't waste time analyzing the ad format that suits you and placing several codes on your site. Now monetizing website traffic has become even easier and more profitable with HilltopAds!

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