What is mainstream and non-mainstream category?

At HilltopAds, you can monetize both mainstream and non-mainstream traffic sources. While you are creating an ad zone, you need to choose a category.

What is mainstream?

The Mainstream category is those that cater to a broad audience and typically include content that is considered safe, non-controversial, and suitable for a wide range of users. Publishers operating in a mainstream category often deal with content that is mainstream in its appeal, such as news, entertainment, lifestyle, and popular culture.

In a simple word, the mainstream category is for those who do not work with 18+ content and do not want advertisements is shown on their website.

If you choose the mainstream category, there will be no 18+ and sexual advertisements on a website.

Please be informed, the mainstream category contains advertisements without 18+ content, but including mainstream dating, betting, gambling, games content.

What is non-mainstream?

The Non-mainstream category is suitable for some publishers who want to monetize traffic with 18+ advertisements. Usually, the non-mainstream category is chosen by publishers who have websites for adult people.

If you choose the non-mainstream category, there will be 18+ advertisements on your website.

How to choose a category

I have chosen the wrong category

If you choose the wrong category, only a personal manager can change it. So, you need to contact them via telegram, skype, email or online chat.