How to monetize a website using a Direct/Smart Link?


HilltopAds publishers can successfully monetize their website traffic by placing popunder, in-page push or video ads on their website. And even if you do not have your own source of traffic, there is still an opportunity to earn money. Direct/Smart link comes to the rescue.

Direct Link is a powerful ad format offered by HilltopAds that allows you to monetize your traffic effortlessly. Direct link contains a Pop ad format. Opening a Direct Link is triggered by clicking on a specific element on the website. You have the flexibility to choose what triggers the ad to open - it can be a button click, image click, or even a menu section click on your website.

Why is Direct Link an attractive format for monetization? Because this format can be used by both direct publishers who have their own websites and arbitrageurs who want to resell their traffic on HilltopAds. Moreover, this format is suitable for bloggers who want to monetize their audience on social media platforms.

Please follow the steps bellow:

  1. Go to the Manage Site & Zones section;
  2. Click on the Add Direct Link button;
  3. Specify the Name of a Direct Link;
  4. Select a Category;
Please remember that the mainstream category is for those websites that don't have any age restriction. And the non-mainstream category is for websites that have 18+ content.

5. Copy a code and add it to a code of your webpage before the </body> tag.

A Direct Link creation process

What are the default settings?

The default settings are:

  • Ads are opening in the same window where a visitor clicks on a link.

To change the default settings and set up, for example, the opening of ads in a new tab, please do the following:

  • Add to the HTML code of your website an attribute <target=_blank>.

When ads will be shown on a website?

If you have done everything correctly - verify a website, create a Direct Link and add a code before the </body> tag - ads will be shown immediately. If ads don't work, please contact your manager.

I want to resell traffic from other networks

If you want to use a Direct link for reselling of traffic to HilltopAds from other networks, you have to be really careful. Unfortunately, even well-known ad networks may have traffic which is unacceptable for HilltopAds. And because of it, your account may be blocked.

To avoid these situations, please contact your personal HilltopAds manager. They will check your traffic and, if necessary, they will ask you to change your traffic source.