How to target the best-converting audience?

How to target the best-converting audience?

Data is current as of 06/01/2022.

Did you know that the machine learning system is the foundation of HIGH-QUALITY and unique HilltopAds traffic? No? Here’s more — this system also analyzes and segments the traffic to different channels depending on the user's activity level.

Why is it helpful? The answer is easy. By setting traffic channels, you can save two of the most important resources for an advertiser — time and money.

Launching a campaign is like exploring new and unknown zones, which can require a lot of money from the test budget. And if you remember how exhausting the process of launching them is… Ugh. Yeah, it’s critical to test the audience to understand the user’s behaviour. But if you use the traffic channel with HIGH ACTIVITY, you would not need to update the stats frantically and see upsetting results in need of new tests.

Traffic channels with HIGH ACTIVITY allow to launch a campaign to the most active and unique HilltopAds audience and lower the lead price for your offer.
Despite all the obvious pros of this traffic channel, we recommend optimizing traffic sources because not every source mathes its activity type.

For now, traffic channels are only available with Popunder and VAST video ads.

Activity segmentation will be available for every other format very soon. Stay tuned!

How do traffic channels work?

As we mentioned before, our own machine learning system scans and evaluates dozens of parameters hourly and segments traffic quality into three groups:

  • HIGH ACTIVITY level. This channel represents the most active and unique audience which gives you a chance for a higher conversion rate.
  • MEDIUM ACTIVITY level. It’s the best combination of price and conversion rate. This channel performs really well, so you can run and optimize your campaign with no surprises.
  • LOW ACTIVITY level. This channel is free from bots, but users from this group are kind of tired of ads and show less active responses.
Traffic channels at HilltopAds

What happens if the traffic quality changes?

If the quality of the traffic worsens, our system ranges it to the lower category. The same happens if the traffic quality becomes better. Anyway, you only pay for the traffic channels of your choice — anything that’s better or worse is being removed automatically.

Obviously, the higher the quality, the higher the price, but if you launch Popunder ads it’s highly recommended to start working with the HIGH ACTIVITY traffic channel. If the CR is fine, you can gradually switch to the Medium quality or even the Low one. It all depends on the target you set for yourself.

Traffic channels are an important tool that can make launching a campaign easier.

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