A Comprehensive Guide to Working with the HilltopAds API for Advertisers.


API stands for Application Programming Interface. In simple terms, it is a set of protocols, tools, and methods that allow different software applications to communicate and interact with each other. APIs are typically used to facilitate the exchange of data and functionality between various applications, platforms, and systems.

The HilltopAds API is a set of methods that enable advertisers to interact with the HilltopAds platform. It serves as a software interface through which various processes related to managing advertising campaigns, retrieving data, and other operations on the platform can be automated.

What request methods are used?

The HilltopAds API for advertisers supports GET, PATCH, POST, DELETE, and PUT methods.

  • GET method allows you to retrieve data without making any changes.
  • PATCH method allows you to update the data provided in the request.
  • POST method allows you to create data.
  • DELETE method allows you to remove data.
  • PUT method allows you to replace all the data provided in the request.
Please note that PATCH and PUT methods work similarly, but there is a difference in their operation, which will become clear through an example.

Let's say we have data {A:1, B:2, C:3}. We need to replace B:2 with B:4.

  • The PATCH method will only replace the B parameter. As a result, we will get {A:1, B:4, C:3}.
  • The PUT method will replace ALL parameters. As a result, we will get {B:4}.

How to get started?

Generate an API Key

To start working with the API, you need to generate your API key. To do this:

  • Go to your HilltopAds personal account.
  • Navigate to the My Account section.
  • Then go to the API tab.
  • Provide a description for the API key.
  • Click on the Generate API key button.
How to generate an API key

This API key is a unique code that will associate your API request with your account and enable the function to work specifically with your data.

For further examples, we will be using the API key nXzgO3Bc.

Please note that to ensure the API requests to the methods work correctly, make sure that the API key you generated has an Active status.
Please double check an API key Status

What API methods are available?

GET methods

Get Advertising Campaign Statistics

Get the list of all advertising campaigns and ads

Get the list of sources added to the BlackList

Get the list of sources added to the WhiteList

Retrieve the current balance amount

Retrieve data about an advertising campaign

PATCH methods

Activate an Advertising Campaign

Stop an Advertising Campaign

Archive an Advertising Campaign

Unarchive an Advertising Campaign

Set up a campaign bid

Update an offer link (Final destination URL) for ad campaigns

Update domain of all created ad campaigns

POST methods

Add a traffic zone to BlackList

Create BlackList and add a traffic source

Add a traffic zone to WhiteList

Create WhiteList and add a traffic source

Create an ad campaign

DELETE methods

Delete a traffic source from BlackList

Clear BlackList

Delete a traffic source from WhiteList

Clear WhiteList

PUT methods

Update an ad campaign