December 2022: Multilingual interface, Automatic traffic optimization, New API tools

December 2022: Multilingual interface, Automatic traffic optimization, New API tools

Data is current as of 12/01/2022.

In short, we have added the following:

  • Multiple stop and start campaigns.
  • Video creatives — now increased from 5 to 10 per campaign.
  • Multilingual interface.
  • Automatic traffic optimization.
  • New methods in the API: archiving, unarchiving and changing the campaign domain.
And now, let's talk about everything in more detail.

Managing multiple campaigns just got easier!

We have added the ability to start, stop, archive or unarchive several campaigns at once in the Manage Campaigns section of the advertisers' personal account. The new feature will save time for those with several dozen advertising campaigns in HilltopAds.

All you have to do is:

  • Go to the list of all campaigns in the Manage Campaigns section. Next, check the checkbox, after that all available campaigns will be highlighted.
  • You will see a new DO button where you need to select an action: stop, start, archive, or unarchive the campaign.
  • After you have chosen the desired action, click on the DO button, and you will make the changes to all selected ad campaigns.

More video ad creatives!

Hooray! You can now add up to 10 video creatives to one ad campaign. Previously there were only 5.

Go to the Manage Campaigns section, select the VAST desktop/mobile video ad format, and specify the required settings and targeting options.

Next, upload up to 10 creatives in the Creative Uploads section, specifying a link and a skip time for each video.

Multilingual interface HilltopAds.

HilltopAds personal account interface and website are now available in 7 languages:

  • English (default)
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Deutsch
  • Hindi
  • Chinese

To select the language you prefer, click on the language selection button in the menu bar at the top.

Note! Online support is only available in English currently, but we are working on it!

Automatic optimization of traffic sources by BlackList.

This feature will automatically analyze traffic sources and add inappropriate ones to your BlackList.

We have already written a detailed guide:
Automatic Optimization of Blacklist zones in HilltopAds.
HilltopAds added new feature — Automatic Optimization of Blacklist zones. It automatically optimizes traffic sources and adds unsuitable ones to the Black List.

New methods in the API.

We've added the ability to archive, unarchive campaigns, and replace domains using the API.

To take advantage of the new features, go to the My Account section in the API section. Further in the documentation, find Archive, Unarchive Campaign and Replace Domain methods and follow the instructions.

We believe in automating routine processes and making automation available to our advertisers!

Try new features in your HilltopAds account right now!

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