How to start work with HilltopAds.

This easy step-by-step guide helps you to adapt and start working with HilltopAds. The article tells about how to create an account in HilltopAds and what are the important points in your account.

How to start work with HilltopAds.

Data is current as of 01/01/2021.

Hey there, welcome to HilltopAds blog! The place where you can find everything and more about working with us.

Launching an advertising campaign is a challenge, which success depends on a variety of factors – right parameters of target audience, placements and duration. We know how hard it is to monetize your website’s traffic or manage several promotions. That’s why we decided to share the latest industry news, affiliate marketing tendencies, useful tools and successful cases here, so you can always boost your results.

What’s our expertise? Since 2014 HilltopAds, the international advertising network, have been helping advertisers find the best audience with scanned and verified traffic while providing up to 30% increase in income for website publishers in monetization. We become one of the best advertising networks annually and years of experience with international clients gives us a deep understanding of what’s best.

We provide the ability to work with various ad formats, such as POP-ups, VAST/VPAID Videos, In-Page push notifications.

Getting started.

Signing Up.

To become a part of HilltopAds, choose whether you are a publisher or an advertiser and click the “Sign Up Free” button. You’ll have to fill a small, but important form with your First Name, valid email address and come up with a password.

Using the email that you have access to is very important since you won’t receive a confirmation letter otherwise.

The SIGN UP form

General Account Information.

There are several important points in your account.

  1. Profile. You can change your First Name and add your Last Name if you wish.
  2. Invoice Information. Anything that might be useful for any further financial interactions with HilltopAds is here: your status (whether you represent any company or you’re individual specialist), preferred messenger (skype, google hangouts or telegram), location information (your country, city, postal code and address).
  3. Payment Information. This section would be available if you chose “publisher” while signing up. You’ll be offered to choose any preferable payment service.
  4. Account security. You can strengthen your safety by adding IP-addresses that your account can be accessed from or add two-steps authentication. Remember, your safety is our top-priority, so we care of it a lot.
  5. In API section you can set statistics showing on your sites or any other services without further necessity in logging in to your account. This tool is very useful if you want to check results live.
  6. Postback section is available for advertisers so they can send campaign conversions to our analytics system.
General account information

I’m an advertiser.

If you decide to launch your campaign with HilltopAds, you’ll be provided with a variety of tools and options to reach the highest results.

Advertisers account lets you start and manage campaigns, check statistics or top up your account with any payment services.

To launch a campaign, you’ll need at least $50 in your account. You can top up your account through PayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Paxum, Bitcoin, Tether (USDT), Webmoney, ePayService and Capitalist.

Advertiser account

Every advertiser’s account has a Dashboard that shows detailed live statistics on every campaign you have. You can track every key indicator and analyze results depending on every time span.

Funds page is made for your payments. As we mentioned before, you’ll need to make at least a $50 deposit to your account. Fill in any neccesary information about you as an advertiser.

You can launch, edit and stop your campaigns in the Manage Campaigns section of your account.

Any predictions about your campaign success are in Estimation Tools. This graph shows potential traffic and conversion volume depending on the ads format, content and country. It’s updated every 24 hours.

My Profile and Support is where you can edit your personal data and find answers to your questions about working with HilltopAds.

Keep in mind that right after you sign up to HilltopAds, you’ll have your personal optimisation manager. You can ask any question or get advice on how to optimize campaigns to reach the best results possible. Your manager’s contacts are on the left and upper panels.

Besides contacts, you can also check your balance and top it up if needed just with a couple of clicks. If you run out of money, you would receive a notifying letter from HilltopAds so your campaign doesn’t stop and you keep getting conversions from it!

I’m a publisher.

If you own a website, you can monetize your traffic with the help of HilltopAds.

Tracking statistics live in Dashboard. It shows the dynamics of your site’s traffic price.

More detailed information is available at Statistics, where you can choose between various filters from sites to countries of visitors.

Publisher account

Adding or removing sites and its management is in Manage Sites and Zones. To add a new website, click “Add Site”, enter its domain and category (e-commerce, dating, socials, downloads, entertainment, movies etc). We’ll generate a unique code which you’ll have to place on your site for verification. If you don’t verify your site, you won’t be able to monetize its traffic.

Also we accept Direct Link traffic. You can find it in Manage Sites and Zones.

In Manage Sites and Zones you can also choose any possible ads format for display on your site: POP’s, VAST/VPAID video, In-Page pushes.

Payment History lets you see all the payments you’ve ever received. The minimal withdrawal is $10, and you can get it through PayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Paxum, Bitcoin, Tether (USDT), Webmoney, ePayService and Capitalist. You get your payment every Tuesday or on request.

That’s it! We hope this easy guide helps you to adapt and start working with HilltopAds. If you have any questions left, contact support - we’re online 24/7.