How to launch and manage ad campaigns in HilltopAds with maximum efficiency and success.

Everything you need to know before you launch ad campaigns. All about ad formats, advanced targeting, traffic channels and pricing models at HilltopAds.

How to launch and manage ad campaigns in HilltopAds with maximum efficiency and success.

Data is current as of 01/01/2021.

In our last article we shared some tips on signing up with HilltopAds and explained how to start working as a publisher and an advertiser.

How to start work with HilltopAds.
This easy guide helps you to adapt and start working with HilltopAds.

This time we explain everything you need to know before launching ad campaigns. Everything you need to launch and edit your campaigns is on the "Manage Campaigns" page. Choose the desired format, a traffic segment and name your campaign.

HilltopAds lets you work with such formats as POPs, VAST/VPAID video, In-page pushes.

Ad formats at HilltopAds
Pro Tip: It's better to name your new campaign the way you can identify it from the rest. Many advertisers miss this step, making it more challenging to work with multiple campaigns.

Traffic Segments.

HilltopAds machine learning system evaluates dozens of parameters of users' traffic and segments it into three groups based on that evaluation: high activity, low activity and medium activity traffic. This allows you to find out how active and responsive the audience you buy is.

Our optimisation specialists recommend launching your campaign on the high activity traffic channel because it represents the most active users who are capable of bringing the most impressions. You won’t need to spend extra money on testing offers making optimisation a pleasant process.

Traffic segments
Pro Tip: Don’t ignore the Estimation Tool graph when choosing ads format and traffic channels. It shows the estimated amount of traffic you can get with your settings which is very helpful for evaluation of your opportunities and potential expenses.

Target your ads.

After setting up everything mentioned above, you can edit ads' targeting parameters. By default, you're able to choose from the following: geolocations, OS, Mobile device types, browsers, date and time, connection type, language and IP address. Besides that, you can ask your personal manager for advanced settings.

Advanced targeting
Pro Tip: If your budget for testing is limited, don't forget to set limits for achieved budget or impressions. The daily limit usage algorithm will automatically turn on by setting the limit. It will help you regulate the speed of traffic distribution. There are two options: ASAP (all the traffic available immediately) and evenly (gradual distribution throughout the day).


The last step requires you to set a CPM. Take a look at the Estimation Tool graph to make the right decision – the X-axis is what CPM you can expect, Y-axis is the estimated traffic amount. The starting point of the chart is the minimum CPM. You can't run your campaign with a price lower than that. Even though the graph shows the CPM, we also work with CPC, RTB, and CPA.

Recommended CPM

Press “Add campaign” to launch your ads. It will be launched right after being automatically moderated. Please, see the Terms and Conditions to ensure we’re on the same page. We also don’t allow tracking links with domains marked by the antivirus.

Pro Tip: Higher the CPM gives you higher CR and traffic volume.

Launch and track results.

Ensure all the settings are correct and your account balance is positive. You can transfer the minimum deposit of $50 through PayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Paxum, Bitcoin, Tether (USDT), Webmoney, ePayService and Capitalist.

Payment methods

Then track your results, optimize traffic sources, keep your balance positive and scale up to new countries, formats and other offers.

Pro Tip: Keep testing until reaching 20k-30k of impressions at least before scaling up. Your personal manager is always here to help you to optimize your campaigns and make results better.

P.S. Here are some points to keep in mind.

  1. Pops and video pre-rolls are our top-performing formats. Give it a try!
  2. Our strongest GEOs are US, BR, DE, IN, ID, EG, FR, GB, CN, RU, PL. Pick up 3-5 GEOs you want to start with, and test offers with 2-3 landers.
  3. Using black and white lists is an essential factor in the continuity of optimization since it determines the validity of spending on specific indicators and helps direct them only to the necessary boundaries.
  4. If the setting is correct, then a few days will be enough for the test. Just wait up to 72 hours before starting analyzing your campaign results.
  5. We recommend making separate campaigns for different targeting options and not mixing them all to achieve the maximum results. Targeting specific countries that will bring better results than targeting the whole world. The optimal decision while setting the targeting is 1 Campaign for 1 GEO.
  6. Adjust your bids to get as much traffic as you can. Look at the traffic in the" Estimation tool" and how much you got from it in "Impressions". You can contact your personal manager to find the best rate for any of your ad campaigns.