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Top Free and Paid Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing You Need to Know in 2024

This guide explores the most effective free and paid traffic sources for affiliate marketing, ensuring your campaigns not only reach but resonate with your target audience.

2024's Top CPA Offers for Maximizing Popunder Traffic

This article aims to guide you through the landscape of CPA offers best suited for popunder traffic, providing a thorough overview that combines practical insights with industry expertise.

Introducing our new feature - Targeting by Interests on the HilltopAds platform!

The majority of this guide is aimed at helping advertisers launch advertising campaigns using targeting by interests on the HilltopAds platform.

Affiliate Pitfalls: The 10 Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2024

In this article, we don’t just list common affiliate marketing issues; we offer actionable solutions and best practices to help you develop a more effective and profitable affiliate marketing strategy according to the current trends.

Bet on Success: Selecting the Best Affiliate Platforms and Offers in the Betting World

This article aims to be your compass in the vast sea of betting platforms, guiding you through the crucial aspects of both: selecting a partner that aligns with your goals and values and choosing the most suitable offer for your campaigns.

From Clicks to Cash: Choosing the Right CPA Offers for Maximum Profit

This article aims to demystify the CPA marketing approach, providing a detailed guide on understanding the cost-per-action model and strategies for selecting the highest-paying CPA offers to maximize your marketing returns.

Ad Network vs. Affiliate Network: Maximize Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you find the subject of this article intriguing, you're probably either a newcomer with no prior knowledge of affiliate marketing, or an expert who has missed this particular detail and has hesitated to inquire about it with peers.

PIN Submits Explained

HilltopAds explains PIN Submit’s CPA nature, alternatives, funnels, types, limitations, and promotional tips

RevShare: When Sharing Is Caring Indeed

HilltopAds explains how RevShare works, its advantages, and how to start RevSharing

Unlock Your Competitors' Secrets: the Best Ad Spy Tools for Marketers

In this article, we delve into the world of ad spy tools, highlighting the best options available for marketers looking to refine their strategies and outperform their competitors.

iGaming Advertising Explained

HilltopAds about iGaming niches, payouts, landers, creatives, and legalization for affiliate marketers

Boost Your Affiliate Profits: A Deep Dive into Postback and Backlink URLs

This concise exploration will equip you with the knowledge to leverage Postback URLs and Backlinks, turning your affiliate efforts into a success story.

If Google Ads is Not Enough: the List of Mighty Alternatives

This guide will highlight Google Ads' key benefits while also shedding light on other valuable platforms, from social media giants like Facebook and Instagram to professional networks such as LinkedIn and the vibrant, youth-centric TikTok.

15 Reasons to Read Top-10 Forums of 2024

HilltopAds explains why publishers, affiliates, and advertisers visit affiliate marketing forums and provides top-10 forums of 2024

Connect, Learn, Succeed: Best Affiliate Marketing Events in 2024

In this article, we've compiled a list of the most significant, captivating, and beneficial affiliate marketing conferences worldwide.

Ad Blocker Analytics: Know Your Enemy

HilltopAds explains which countries and browsers use ad blockers the most to improve affiliate marketing campaigns

Mobile advertising explained by HilltopAds: WAP traffic, mobile ad formats, and the best ads

Today, we’ll talk about mobile advertising details: what it is, where it is now, why it is important, what are its formats, and what are the best examples.

Top 10 Pop Ad Networks of 2024

HilltopAds presents the top 10 Pop ad networks, explains the advantages of Pop ads, and offers tips & hints

Navigating the World of Affiliate Marketing: A Professional Yet Approachable Guide

This guide aims to simplify these concepts, breaking down the what, how, and why of affiliate marketing, making it accessible and actionable for you.

Breaking Down the Buzz: An Exploration of Mobile Advertising Trends and Insights

This article delves into the world of mobile advertising, exploring its key concepts, the variety of verticals and programs available, and the strategies that businesses can employ to harness its full potential.


The day of love and romance. It's the time when Cupid sends his arrows, and the HilltopAds ad network sends you a new article with tips and tricks on how to run successful ads for Valentine's Day!

Running Ads during Popular Sports Events

There are many persuasive arguments as to why marketing during popular sports events can be highly beneficial for advertisers. In this article, we will emphasize each and every one of them.

HilltopAds about free website traffic generation and the ways to increase traffic volume

If you have ever been wondering how to drive traffic to your website, how to increase website traffic free, and how much traffic a website needs to make money — then this is the article for you.

Best Online Advertising Tools: 2024 Edition

Today, online advertising stands as a cornerstone of modern marketing strategies, offering unparalleled opportunities for businesses to reach their target audience.

Website Traffic Sources

Today, we’ll explain what traffic is, tell more about its types, focus on the advantages of paid vs. free traffic, and elaborate on the main sources

New Year’s Marketing Ideas

Why some advertisers thrive on winter holiday season while others lose their budget? What role does creativity play in determining the success of ad campaigns? So many questions and so few answers. In this article we’re going to change that!

Black Friday 2023: Marketing Strategy

Let’s learn about top performing verticals, OS and GEOs, list websites where you can find free templates for creatives and share how to use CHAT GPT to speed up your workflow. Read article now before it’s too late!

Ads in games: a universal solution, or everyone wins

In this article, we will explain the reasons for the appearance and popularity of ads in video games, ads gaming meaning, and also help you identify steps to improve the effectiveness of advertising in games.

Halloween Marketing: Tricks & Treats To Win More Clients 2023

Where to begin your preparation process? Which offers work better this season? And how you can create attractive creatives in a few clicks - these and some others useful tips are waining for you in our new article!

RTB Marketing Review

With the help of media advertising, you can solve such problems as increasing awareness of specific products or services, brand popularity, attracting the attention of a potential audience; etc.