Useful articles for digital marketers

Who Are Publishers in Advertising and How They Differ from Advertisers

Advertiser vs publisher: what is included in these concepts, what differences exist and what option to choose for a novice webmaster – let’s look at these issues.

Pinterest affiliate marketing – earning on ideas

How to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest? Test it! Try posting different pictures, in different styles, maybe even in black and white, use different keywords until you catch the popularity point, and the audience starts to grow.

How to Make Money with Snapchat

If you like to know how to make money on Snapchat we can assure you that there are many different ways to get Snap rewards. Let’s see how to get paid on Snapchat, making Snapchat money.

Is Affiliate Marketing Legit: All the Tricks and Benefits

In this article, we'll look at the affiliate protection legality and marketing scams, discuss common pitfalls, and give a full understanding of what is an affiliate marketer. Does it have an earnings threshold, pitfalls, and how much does it attract scammers?

Another Business Secret: How Does CPA Marketing Work?

CPA in marketing is a special payment model online advertising charges the advertiser when a potential customer performs a targeted action (registration, purchase, shopping cart checkout, newsletter subscription, etc.).

Focus on SEM. What Is Search Engine Marketing?

What is SEM and what is SEM meaning? In today's environment, digital is a vital aspect of any highly online strategy. A great way to promote websites and products online is to optimize websites for search engine queries (SEO) and run advertising campaigns (PPC).

Facebook Monetization: methods and conditions

If you run a popular group on Facebook, you have an amazing opportunity to get paid for your audience.

Everything about ad servers: Powering the future of digital advertising

In this article, we will explore the specifics of video ad servers, examine server-side ad insertion, shed light on ad server software, and discuss the significance of publisher ad servers.

Power of Content Locker: A Guide for WordPress Users

Content Locker is a great plugin that allows you to prevent users from accessing your content unless they complete a specific task. Learn how to use a content locker on your website and how it can help you to monetize more efficiently.

Top AI Website Building Services for Publishers

Discover the top AI-powered website building services for publishers in the HilltopAds network. From Framer's interactive designs to's user-friendly templates, harness the potential of AI to create stunning websites with ease. Creating a site has never been easier!