12 Platforms That Will Make Influence Marketing Successful

12 Platforms That Will Make Influence Marketing Successful

In today's digital age, connecting with consumers on a personal level is crucial for brands looking to stand out in a competitive market. Influence marketing is a tried and true way to connect with your audience on a more personal level, allowing you to tap into the trust and loyalty of an influencer who bridges the gap by being a representative of your brand, provided everything is done correctly.

Wondering how to approach Influence Marketing effectively? Well… we are about to tell you briefly in this article. Our primary focus will be on using Influence Marketing platforms to connect with qualified individuals. After all, what is Influence Marketing without an actual influencer?

Stay tuned for valuable insights and tips that will help you create impactful campaigns and connect with your customers on a deeper level. At HilltopAds, we believe that quality and quantity go hand in hand.

What is Influence Marketing?

Influence marketing is a form of social media marketing focused on people who are considered to have significant impact on their social media audience. Their recommendations serve as social proof, encouraging users to try out and invest in specific products or services.

Influence marketing leverages influencers' reach and credibility to promote products. It's effective for affiliate marketers. See it yourself:

Authenticity and Relatability

Influencers share genuine opinions and experiences, making them relatable. Followers see them as authentic, unlike impersonal traditional ads.


Influencers are often experts in their sphere, making their recommendations credible. Followers trust their knowledge and experience.

Peer Influence

Influencers are seen as peers, sharing similar lifestyles and interests. This peer-like relationship enhances trust as followers believe influencers understand their needs. Personal connection makes their endorsements more impactful.

High Reach and Targeted Audiences

Influencers have large, niche followings, allowing affiliate marketers to target specific demographics effectively.

How to Use Influence Marketing?

An influencer's greatest asset is their credibility, combined with their large audience, making them capable of attracting new interested parties with minimal effort. This is why advertisers, affiliate marketers, and media buyers approach popular social media influencers to request public endorsements and promotions of particular products or services.

The effectiveness of influence marketing does not always depend on the number of subscribers, but on the audience's involvement in the influencer's content. Currently, small bloggers with an audience of up to 3,000 subscribers are trusted more than large ones because they have a closer relationship with their audience.

Influencers are divided into several groups, depending on the size of the audience:

  • Nanoinfluencers — up to 1,000 subscribers
  • Microinfluencers — from 5 to 100 thousand subscribers
  • Midinfluencers — from 100 thousand to 1 million
  • Macroinfluencers — more than 1 million subscribers

To provide an overview of the figures involved, here are some estimates of influencers' average rates: Instagram posts typically range from $500 to $10,000 (largely based on the follower count), TikTok videos average around $2,700, and for YouTube content, rates are even higher, starting from $5,000 for mid-tier influencers and going up to $20,000 for macro-influencers.

What is Influence Marketing?

An influence marketing platform assists in discovering new social media influencers on a large scale and simplifies the management of campaigns from beginning to end. It enables tasks such as identifying and engaging with relevant influencers for your brand, handling communications, boosting sales through affiliate links and promotional codes, and tracking analytics to assess the ROI (return on investment) of influence marketing initiatives.

By using an influence marketing platform, you can reduce manual tasks and email exchanges, allowing you to concentrate on strategic efforts and cultivating relationships with the influential partners you collaborate with.

Now when we are on the same page, let's go through 12 popular hubs for influencers. But first…

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Shopify Collabs

Shopify Collabs is a comprehensive tool that helps you discover and connect with influencers on various social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch. Using Shopify Collabs, you can design your own personalized application page, invite chosen creators, or explore countless profiles to find the perfect influencer for your brand.

Additionally, this tool allows you to streamline your influencer program by providing immediate commission incentives to all influencers in the Collabs network and automating affiliate commission payments.

Key Features

  • In-built affiliate marketing software
  • Seamlessly integrated with Shopify store setup
  • Detailed campaign analytics
  • Product seeding features
  • Personalized collaboration application pages
  • Automated creator commissions


Upfluence is a broad influencer and affiliate marketing platform that uses advanced AI technology to enhance your company's influence marketing efforts. It is tailored to streamline collaboration with influencers and is particularly beneficial for businesses with limited team resources.

The platform provides access to a wide range of influencers worldwide, including both up-and-coming personalities and well-known celebrities.

Upfluence is the pioneer in combining influencer vetting with eCommerce tools, enabling brands to leverage their customer base for influencer identification, which is particularly beneficial for e-commerce companies.

Currently, Upfluence serves as a central hub for overseeing all facets of influencer campaigns, encompassing discovery, outreach, and performance monitoring.

Key Features

  • Effortless relationship and campaign management
  • Creator outreach powered by ChatGPT
  • Integrated affiliate marketing functionality
  • Detailed campaign analytics
  • Insightful influencer metrics
  • Simplified influencer payment and management processes


Tagger by Sprout Social is a highly trusted tool used by top global brands and agencies to elevate their influence marketing strategies. This platform allows you to discover the best-fitting influencer by leveraging advanced search functionality that prioritizes the alignment of influencer and brand values. With a vast database offering thousands of search filter options, you can easily identify the perfect match for your campaign.

Tagger empowers you to launch and expand your influence marketing initiatives with tailored workflows. Benefit from seamless team collaboration to ensure flawless campaign execution, monitor performance, measure ROI, generate reports, and gain in-depth analytics insights. Tagger is the go-to solution for maximizing the impact of your influence marketing efforts.

Key Features

  • Tagger's exclusive social intelligence engine to track trends, analyze data, and develop a thorough strategy
  • Profile discovery tool to pinpoint influencers for your campaign
  • Tools to oversee and enhance campaigns with labels, tracking features, workflows, and more
  • Access to a team of experts, who can help you every step of the way


Captiv8 specializes in Instagram influence marketing services. They are known for their software and have been recognized with awards for their services. Using Captiv8, you can discover Instagram influencers, who can boost your revenue and track your campaign's ROI instantly.
Additionally, they offer a payment management platform for influencers with various payment structures. As per their website, Captiv8 enables you to amplify influencer content through paid avenues. Their acclaimed services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements effectively.

Key Features

  • Relationship and campaign management
  • Predictive and campaign analytics
  • Influencer metrics
  • Content management
  • Payment management


Brandwatch has developed a system that simplifies the process of finding the right person by allowing you to discover social media influencers who align with your brand based on specific metrics and topics that matter most to you. Their database comprises over 30 million creators from popular platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and others.

Once you've forged a partnership, you can monitor the performance and ROI metrics on various social networks, while also receiving personalized reports that can be easily shared with stakeholders through shareable URLs.

Key Features

  • Iris, the AI assistant, helps in research and content creation
  • Advanced search function based on interests, brand preferences, past projects, credibility, and more
  • Campaign reporting tailored to your brand in 13 languages
  • Exclusive influencer network with personalized onboarding processes


Grin is another influence marketing platform that enables you to engage with social media creators and leverage their influence to enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns. Boasting six years of experience, they possess a comprehensive understanding of the intricate workings of influence marketing, ensuring that no aspect is overlooked.

This platform is dedicated to supporting brands in thriving within the contemporary creator economy. Grin emphasizes the importance of fostering genuine and dependable partnerships as opposed to random selections, as authenticity is easily discerned by users and can potentially damage the credibility of both parties.

Key features

  • Seamless integration with social media platforms, communication tools, and eCommerce solutions
  • Streamlined collection and repurposing of content shared by creators on various social media channels
  • User-friendly relationship management tool for nurturing authentic brand connections
  • Comprehensive influencer analysis encompassing all engagement metrics


Influencity is your go-to hub for streamlining influence marketing. With Influencity, you can easily find the perfect creators, access unbiased statistics quickly, manage influencer relationships effectively, and track campaign performance on the fly. You can also seamlessly integrate and optimize your influencer campaigns with your Shopify store.

This tool not only saves you time and money but also enhances your campaign outcomes in just a few simple steps. The highlight is the ability to create and tailor your influence marketing network according to your preferences. With a promise of user-friendly experience and continuous support, Influencity ensures a smooth journey throughout.

Key features

  • Revealing insights that unveil metrics not typically accessible on social media platforms
  • Creator opt-in page to easily discover creators already aligned with your brand
  • Advanced audience analytics tools that identify fake followers and provide valuable insights

Later Influence

Later Influence is a wide-ranging influence marketing platform that offers a span of powerful features. These include influencer discovery and recruitment, customizable data analytics, collaborative content creation, influencer insights, relationship management tools, tailored campaign workflows, content review capabilities, incentive management, and detailed reporting and analytics.

With Later Influence, businesses can streamline their influence marketing efforts through a user-friendly interface that automates relationship management with both customers and influencers alike. Additionally, the platform enables brands to efficiently manage different incentive types and easily track payment statuses, enhancing overall campaign efficiency and success.

Key features

  • Integrated creator identification and authentication for seamless collaboration
  • Automated campaign applications and recruitment tools for efficient influencer management
  • Customizable search filters with 20 options to find the perfect influencers for your brand
  • Tracking and referral capabilities with customizable trackable codes for detailed conversion analytics


Fohr is a platform that facilitates collaborations between brands & influencers and content creators to create impactful partnerships. With an extensive network of over 100,000 influencers, Fohr simplifies the process of finding the ideal match for your brand, ensuring genuine and engaging collaborations. Brands have the ability to browse profiles, assess performance metrics, and directly connect with influencers through the platform.

Fohr also offers insights and data analytics to effectively monitor campaign success and measure return on investment. Whether your goal is to boost brand visibility, drive sales, or introduce a new product, Fohr provides a wide range of influencers across diverse niches and demographics to support your marketing objectives. Enhance your brand's online presence and engage with your desired audience through strategic influence marketing campaigns with Fohr.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive management of relationships and campaigns
  • Reliable human support
  • Sophisticated technology and agency
  • Established influencer verification process
  • Detailed influencer performance metrics
  • Strong analytics and reporting for campaigns
  • Efficient content management capabilities


Skeepers is a dedicated platform aimed at assisting brands in acquiring user-generated content (UGC) for their online presence. Through innovative software solutions, Skeepers empowers brands to gather ratings and reviews, host live shopping events, create consumer videos, and efficiently manage influence marketing campaigns.

By bridging marketers with influencers, Skeepers boasts a significant 58% increase in brand visibility post-service utilization. Moreover, they emphasize that 71% of consumers are inclined to purchase a product endorsed by a trusted influencer.

With a unique focus on collaborating with 100,000 pre-vetted micro and nanoinfluencers, Skeepers stands out among its competitors. Their strategic approach prioritizes matching brands with influencers who genuinely believe in their products, fostering the creation of authentic content that enhances brand recognition.

Key Features

  • Real-time monitoring of content key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Integration of a call-to-action (CTA) in videos to enhance conversion rates, with the option to link the video to the product page for later reference
  • Comprehensive management of legal permissions and licensing rights for content usage


Afluencer serves as a thorough influence marketing platform that facilitates connections between brands and influencers. By fostering collaboration and enabling the creation of sponsored content that resonates with their audiences, Afluencer supports the growth of both brands and influencers, helping them achieve their business objectives.
For brands, Afluencer offers a centralized platform to manage invitations, relationships, and other campaign-related activities. Simply sign up on the website and post a Collab to kickstart your brand's influence marketing journey. A Collab is a collaboration request that outlines your project needs, preferred channels, target audience, and other relevant details.

Key features

  • Easy access to all collaboration opportunities in the “Popular Programs” section
  • Influencer spotlights to learn more about potential partners
  • Direct communication with influencers through a chat room


Creator.co is a comprehensive influence marketing platform designed to coordinate brand-creator collaborations, campaign management, and performance tracking. With a vast database of creators on various social media platforms, brands can easily find influencers based on their niche, reach, and engagement levels. Creator.co offers a range of tools to streamline campaign management, including campaign creation, reporting, and payment processing.

In addition, Creator.co has a strong focus on affiliate marketing, helping brands increase their revenue by incorporating influencers into their marketing strategies. The platform provides access to over 300 million profiles on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, empowering brands to boost sales. Furthermore, Creator.co offers advanced analytics to ensure campaigns are continuously optimized for success.

Key Features

  • Integration with affiliate networks
  • Personalized strategy development with an account manager
  • Customizable collaboration offers to narrow down creator search criteria

Tips for Perfecting Your Influence Marketing Strategy

Finally, here are some pieces of advice on how to manage influence marketing and get the most from it:

Start now!

Remember that influence marketing is a key social media strategy to focus on – influencers are dominating the digital world.

Balance between manner and matter

Take into consideration the main difference between influence marketing and direct advertising – nativity. Product promotion does not look like a typical advertisement. A blogger for his subscribers is more like a friend who recommends what he likes himself: products, places, entertainment. Advertising becomes part of the content, and the audience perceives it more loyally. So form your advertisement requests according to the way your product will be promoted.

Do not rush

While some platforms offer free trials or other perks for new users, most recommend booking a demo. Take advantage of this opportunity to get a firsthand look at what these platforms offer and how they operate.

Size is important

The size of your team and the resources available to your company will greatly influence your choice of influence marketing software. For a small team with one or two social media managers, partnering with an agency instead of handling it internally may be more practical. In contrast, if you have a larger social media team, a self-service tool might be the most suitable option.

Better safe than sorry

Before finalizing any agreements, ensure that influence marketing software can be seamlessly integrated with your existing Finance, eCommerce, Educational, Beauty, Health, or other platforms.

Thrift is a great revenue

Plan your social media budget strategically. Allocate a portion of it to subscribing to an influencer platform and compensating the creators you collaborate with. Crunch the numbers before diving into this new marketing arena, but remember that investing in it can yield significant returns.


To sum up, examine the essential characteristics and choose the most suitable influencer marketing platforms for your specific requirements. Using influencer marketing is essential for companies aiming to elevate brand visibility, connect with fresh demographics, and boost sales. Success depends on the influencer's engagement with followers rather than follower count alone. Influencer marketing platforms simplify finding and managing influencer relationships, boosting sales, and tracking ROI.

Selecting the appropriate platform relies on the size of your team, available resources, and integration requirements. Making a strategic investment in influencer marketing can result in substantial returns and strengthen your online presence.

Hopefully, the provided 12 platforms will serve your campaign needs well. And if you want more traffic, contact HilltopAds, as our job is to see your campaigns make a profit.