EURO2024 Marketing Strategy: Top GEOs, Popular Verticals & Best Ad Formats!

EURO2024 Marketing Strategy: Top GEOs, Popular Verticals & Best Ad Formats!

While experts make their guesses on who is going to win a championship this year, we will share with you which GEOs perform better during such popular football events and what offers you should promote to maximize your profits!

Let's dive right into it!

Where are the Euros and where are the money?

Top GEOs

  • Hosting Country.
    As obvious, as it might me, but number of impressions in Germany is expected to significantly increase over the next month. First, thousands of fans from all over the globe will come there to witness the exceptional performance of national teams. Secondly, many webmasters, predicting the traffic growth in Germany, will adapt their website IPs to appear as local German website, thereby impacting the driving total traffic higher than before.
  • European Countries.
    The celebration of the football is going to spread across the Europe like a wildfire. Fans who didn’t get a chance to come to Germany, they will actively use Streaming apps and place Bets to support their team. Additionally, the competition within the Germany GEO is expected to be much higher, than among the surrounded countries. As a result, it might be a good idea to find opportunities within those regions, where competitors asleep.
  • Other Countries where football is popular.
    But European countries are not the only ones feeling the vibe. The love for this game has spread to many other nations as well. For example, Brazil and Argentina are among the countries where football is the most popular kind of sport.
Below, we share platform data about the GEOs where traffic significantly increased during previous global  football events.

It's crucial to adapt your choice of vertical to the chosen GEO. For example, if you're targeting India, it might be a good idea to start with Streaming Services. Fans there don't have the same opportunity to attend stadiums to watch the game as most European fans do. Thus, there is a need for live broadcast viewing services, which you can successfully close with your Streaming offers.

On the other hand, there is a universal vertical that can be highly beneficial in any regions, and this is Betting! The reason for this is quite simple: European fans want to make the experience of the EURO Cup as exciting as possible, while tier3 experts are looking for ways to benefit from it.

Finally, you can identify regions, where football is popular, but due to legal restrictions, it's difficult to find a high-quality streaming channels. This opens up an opportunity for advertising VPN services.

Play Creative to Attract the Audience

UEFA EURO 2024 Creatives Ideas

  • Football Game-themed designs: The audience of major fans largely consists of those who take their love of football to the next level by playing it on game consoles and PCs. You can leverage this fact by adapting your ads to the designs of popular football games (such as FIFA24) to easily capture the attention of potential clients.
  • National team elements: If you are targeting games of a specific team, it might be a good idea to customize your creatives with the national flag and colors.
  • Clear CTA: Until users see a CTA, they have no clue about what you want from them. Do you want them to fill out a lead form? Or maybe complete the Football Quiz? Don’t leave it to chance; guide them by leaving clear instructions.

UEFA EURO 2024 Landing Pages Ideas

  • Run a Football Quiz Completion. Create a funnel where users first fill out the quiz, then receive a discount on your product, and are prompted with a CTA to use it. This way, you have an opportunity to engage the audience before they realize it's part of your marketing strategy.
  • Pull a heartstrings. Fans are highly excited when their national team plays, especially during derby matches between rivals like Spain and Italy. To capitalize on this excitement, use compelling headlines such as "Support Your Team with a Bet" or "Show Your Belief in Your National Team - Place Your Bet!".
As you may already know from our previous sports articles, the rules for creating engaging and attractive landing pages and creatives are quite similar. Therefore, we recommend applying some of the tips mentioned above to your landing pages as well.

General Recommendations

  • Run tests with Interest-Based Targeting and CPA Goal features enabled. We recently upgraded our platform with game-changing tools that help advertisers boost their profits by targeting specific audiences and eliminating ineffective traffic zones. Learn more about these features through the provided links!
  • You need to start running tests in advance, but not too early, otherwise you might end up offside.
To help you keep track of the numerous events happening one after another, we've prepared a schedule with all EURO2024 games! Check it out via the link!
  • Follow Platform Rules and Local Laws. Otherwise, you might not just receive a penalty, but also get a red card for your ad campaigns.
  • Test different creatives to find the best-performing one. Aim to test between 5 to 10 different sets.
  • Take demographics into account. While you strive to create outstanding creatives with engaging text, it's important to remember that expressions can have drastically different meanings in different GEOs. That's why conducting research before launching ads to your audience is essential.
  • Comply with the Law. The choice of targeted GEO and vertical defines the legal restrictions that advertisers should consider while promoting their offers. For example, in Germany and Spain, online betting sites are subject to state and local regulations; in the Netherlands, sites are regulated by the Dutch Gaming Authority, while currently, there is no regulatory framework in Ireland.
  • Adjust your Bids. During the Euros, things can change rapidly. As we approach the final matches of the cup, tension and excitement continue to mount, along with the competition among advertisers for high-quality leads. That's why you always need to keep your finger on the pulse and quickly optimize your ad campaigns to stay ahead.

Inside-data from HilltopAds

Based on analytics from previous years, we can advise you to launch your ad campaigns using the following settings and targettings:

  • Vertical: Betting;
  • GEOs: Germany (DE), Brazil (BR), India (IN);
  • Ad Format: Popunder Mobile, Video VAST Mobile;
  • OS: Android 10+, IOS 11+;
  • Browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox;
  • Browser Language: English, Portuguese (the 2nd option is only for targeting BR GEO).
Don't forget to watch the podcast on our YT channel, where two of HilltopAds experts in iGaming & Betting verticals will give you even more helpful recommendations about marketing during popular sports events.


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