Redtrack: How to use Redtrack tracker with HilltopAds

Redtrack: How to use Redtrack tracker with HilltopAds

Why do you need another tracking platform?

RedTrack is an advanced analytics and automation platform. With RedTrack you are able to receive real-time accurate conversion data from your marketing channels. As a marketer or executive, you are able to get unbiased performance insights, prevent ad waste, and scale revenue for the company.

RedTrack creates solutions for affiliate marketers, e-commerce businesses, as well as marketing agencies.

We have prepared for you a material on step-by-step tracking customisation, which will help you quickly integrate HilltopAds and RedTrack. Using this instruction, you will be able to understand the settings as quickly as possible, even if you have never connected the tracker to the HilltopAds network!

Get ready to work

We suggest that you first copy the Postback URL from your personal account on our platform. This is the link where you can locate your unique Postback URL.

Sign up to Redtrack

To start working with the platform, you need to register in your Redtrack personal account. You can do it by following the link.
Once you have completed the registration process, you can proceed to the next steps to connect your tracker and HilltopAds platforms.

Manage Traffic sources

Once you copied the Postback URL from HilltopAds personal account and  logged into your AdsBridge personal account, you can start to integrate tracker:

  • Navigate to the "Traffic channels" page and select the "New from template" tab
  • Click on the “Choose From Templates”
  • New window appears displaying a list of popular advertising networks. Choose "HilltopAds"
  • Proceed by clicking on "Add"

You will be presented with a form that already contains some information.

  • Paste the previously copied Postback URL from our website, and then click on the "Save" button.

This step completes the connection of the traffic source to the tracker, now we move on to the next stage - integrating the tracker with the affiliate network.


We remind you that HilltopAds works with these additional parameters:

  • {{geo}} - ISO country code;
  • {{adid}} - Ad/banner identifier;
  • {{zoneid}} - Traffic source identifier;
  • {{campaignid}} - Campaign identifier;
  • {{lang}} - Visitor language HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE e.g. en-en;
  • {{category}} - Category Adult/Mainstream;
  • {{cpmbid}} - CPM rate for campaign;
  • {{price}} - For CPM campaigns this placeholder provides the price of 1 ad impression. For CPC campaigns it provides the price of 1 click on the ad;
  • {{browsername}} - browser name.
  • {{token}} - Unique id of the conversion;
  • {{price}} - Conversion cost;
  • {{currency}} - Conversion currency;
  • advertiserID - Advertiser ID.

Create Redtrack campaign

Now it’s time to create your first campaign on RedTrack. It can be easily done by doing the following:

  • Go to the “Campaigns” tab, then click on “New”.
  • Next, select a name for the campaign, the desired grid and offer.
  • When you fill in all the data, click on the “Save” button.

Great, now the platform gives you the list of relevant to your campaign URLs. Therefore, the final step is to copy the link that you will use in your campaign!


Connect tracker to HilltopAds campaign

The last but not least is to connect the created campaign to the one on HilltopAds. Of course, you need to create the campaign first. To do so keep following our guidelines:

  • In HilltopAds, navigate to the “Manage Campaign” view
  • Click the “Add campaign” button
  • Set up the ad format, the traffic channel, the name for your campaign and any additional options according to your preferences
  • Finally paste the Campaign URL you copied from Redtrack into the Final Destination URL text field
  • Click the “Add” campaign button.

And that’s it! You have successfully configured tracking for HilltopAds traffic using Redtrack.

This completes the integration setup between HilltopAds and RedTrack! As you may have noticed, the process is quite simple and will not take you much time. Try to set up the tracker, if you have any questions, you can contact your manager, he will definitely help you.

Integrate the tracker with HilltopAds and launch an advertising campaign with maximum efficiency!