Traffic Estimator as a beacon in the sea of marketing

Traffic Estimator as a beacon in the sea of marketing

In the world of online business, effective management of the clientele of your web platforms is a prerequisite. Constant changes require careful analysis and optimization from entrepreneurs and specialists to increase conversions. The attendance assessment service is an indispensable tool for identifying the positive sides and disadvantages of your sites. We will tell you how traffic estimators work, what are their benefits for business and why you should choose HilltopAds.

The importance of web traffic estimator is caused by two main reasons:

  • Firstly, it helps advertisers and publishers calculate the potential outcome of their advertising campaigns. By estimating website traffic and search traffic, advertisers can find out the value of a particular ad placement and the amount that it is advisable to pay for it. Publishers can use traffic estimation to find the most attractive for customers and the most profitable place on the site.
  • Secondly, knowing their traffic, advertisers will be able not only to understand which people are watching their ads, but also which ads should be shown to these people. The same applies to the site owners - they will be able to understand how to modernize their site in order to attract visitors.

Accurate estimation of website traffic allows advertisers to make the best decisions about advertising placement, pricing and targeting strategies. For the advertiser, the website traffic estimator gives a better idea of prices in the digital market, which facilitates the development of an advertising budget and strategy.

Why do users leave the site

Having information about how many users visit your site, how long they view it and how often they perform targeted actions, you can understand that the site is worth working on. We have compiled a short guide on how to upgrade your web page.

  • Poor optimization. The search engine may not offer your page to users, as it will consider it not unique and irrelevant.
  • Bad design. Visitors will prefer a well-designed, visually pleasing website with interactive content, rather than a half-empty white page.
  • Low technical indicators. Users are annoyed when the desired site takes a long time to load or partially does not display content. Moreover, they will not enter it if the browser detects viruses or outdated software on the site.
  • Overabundance of advertising. Placement advertising is one of the ways to earn money for website owners, but visitors may not appreciate it when there are too many ads.
  • Mobile version. If your site is not adapted to mobile devices or is poorly displayed on them, you will lose a large share of traffic.

Low traffic is not always a consequence of strong competition or search engine problems. Most often, it's about the website itself. But even if it has a stable attendance, increasing this indicator will bring you even greater benefits.

A little about metrics

The indicators that the traffic estimator identifies and that advertisers focus on are called metrics. Traffic estimation tools work with the following metrics:

  • Unique Visitors (UV): How many people visited the site during the day, week, month, etc.
  • Pageviews (PV): This is exactly the number of page loads, not the number and time of interaction sessions.
  • Average Visit Duration (VD): The length of time visitors use the site.
  • Bounce Rate (BR): How many people closed the site immediately after viewing the first page, without visiting the rest.
  • Pages Per Visit (PvV): The number of pages viewed by one person on average per site opening.
  • Time to Conversion (TTC): The interval between the opening of the site and the target action.
  • Traffic Sources (TS): The number of visitors from various sources (search networks, advertising, social networks).

So what is the point of the tools?

Now that we know which metrics are used, we can talk about how and why the traffic estimator needs them. The requirement to estimate website traffic can be split into three main aspects, including:

  • Ad Placement: Knowing the quantity of website visitors can help publishers decide where to place ads on their website to maximize accessibility and engagement.
  • Ad Pricing: For advertisers, traffic estimation helps to calculate the value of a specific ad placement and its adequate cost.
  • Targeting: Estimating traffic helps advertisers more effectively target their ads to a specific audience and increase ROI.

Therefore, the website traffic estimator can be described as a tool that allows advertisers and owners of sites on the Internet to receive all the data necessary for advertising companies, on the analysis of which marketing is based.

Some like it free

Traffic estimators are important for web page owners, so some large companies offer free tools for traffic estimation, although with limited functionality.

  • Google estimation tools
    Google Traffic Estimator is a free service for Google Ads campaigns users. This tool shows the effectiveness within the ad placement location and specific keywords. By specifying the named data in the google traffic estimator, you will receive information about the predicted actions of site visitors and the benefits they will bring.
  • Web estimation tools
    What you need if you want to know about user reaction to the content of your page. The Web estimation receives information from resources such as Alexa and SimilarWeb.
  • Website Analytics
    Website Analytics tools show accurate information about user behavior on your site based on the metrics that we listed above. Such analytics provide information about the basic metrics that will help in the early stages of your campaign's development.
  • Search traffic estimation tools
    The search traffic tools work exclusively with keywords. This is useful when you need data and user search queries to improve the text fields of your page.
Google Keywords Estimator

HilltopAds Estimation Tools

Our clients do not need to use various third-party estimation tools, since all the necessary tools are already integrated into your personal account for convenience.

Our exclusive traffic estimator, specifically tailored for advertisers and publishers, empowers them to make well-informed choices regarding their campaigns. By considering key variables including geography, type of device, and operating system, this website analytics tool generates accurate estimates of website traffic for enhanced decision-making capabilities.

With the Estimation Tools section, users can evaluate the expected response from users based on the selected targeting parameters. For instance, if an advertiser is targeting an audience in the United States using desktop devices, the traffic estimate tool will provide a forecast of the number of targeted actions that can be expected when using this particular targeting strategy.

HilltopAds traffic estimator

The website traffic estimator also provides estimated bids for different ad placements and targeting options, which can help advertisers determine the value of a particular ad placement and the relevant cost of it. For advertisers seeking to maximize the use of their advertising budgets, this information will be extremely useful. Thanks to web traffic estimator, advertisers will be able to make sure that every dollar invested brings them the maximum return, achieving their goals and increasing their competitiveness in the market.

The advantage of this tool is its versatility: it is equally valuable to advertisers and site owners. It helps both of them to get the maximum gain from advertising.

Drawing conclusions

Web traffic estimator is an indispensable tool for a marketer and entrepreneur. This gives you the ability to get information about the market, see the results of your advertising campaigns, as well as calculate advertising placement and pricing most accurately.

By applying our "Estimation Tools" in your personal account, you will have access to all the necessary parameters of your advertising campaign and on their basis you will be able to maximize your profit. Therefore, we recommend that you visit it before the next advertising campaign.

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