Data Integration and Automation: Key Benefits of AdTech

Data Integration and Automation: Key Benefits of AdTech

Modern technology advertisements are a grandiose field of opportunities for promoting any product & brand. Every year they multiply exponentially. Today, a few clicks are enough to set up a campaign. As a result — the audience reach expands, engagement increases, and revenue breaks through the ceiling. Top adtech companies wisely use sophisticated tools.

Advertising technology combines several types of digital tools for competent campaign management, point analytics. Let's understand what is adtech, which of its tools will become a booster, and which trends will dominate the market in 2023.

A Promising Segment of the Digital Industry

In just a quarter of a century, the digital advertising industry has gone from thorns to stars, from the first banner to a comprehensive digital strategy. According to Data Insight, the most popular technology advertisements are:

  • Targeting in social networks more than 90% of users.
  • Contextual search advertising almost 80%.
  • Promotion through mailing lists and banner advertising 55% each.
  • Influence marketing up to 50% of respondents.

Who Is the AdTech Industry?

Advertising technology is like the Wheel of Fortune that never stops. By the end of 2022, the global online Ad Tech market will reach the $345 billion mark, a figure that suggests it's time to dig deep into AdTech platforms trends for fast and profitable monetization of websites, advertising and promotion. Top adtech companies are already successfully utilizing Ad Tech:

1. Google Ads — shortens the distance between brand and audience, provides contextual advertising based on user queries and behaviour.

2. Facebook Ads with advertising technology successfully targets ads based on interests, user behavior, demographics.

3. Amazon Advertising optimizes ad campaigns based on contextual promotion and search results.

4. Taboola provides personalized recommendations based on user preferences.

5. Criteo is famous for retargeting and delivering dynamic ads based on customers' previous behaviour and interests.

Just Up

What is adTech? It's a set of software and hardware, algorithms, and data analytics that brands and agencies need to strategize, customize and manage digital activities. It's a kind of jigsaw puzzle of the whole picture of online shopping and sales. The lucrative and thriving Ad Tech industry is perfectly poised to withstand the global economic slowdown, pandemic and other obstacles. 360 Research Reports sees a significant jump in adTech company during 2020-2026.

Why is ad technology needed? Advertising to a general audience is always not relevant enough to each individual consumer. Here, advertisers should think about where to look for personalized customer experience? They need to choose the ideal time, GEO for showing this or that ad, and find tools for effective communication with potential customers.

To help comes Ad Tech, which organizes the process of promotion in the network. With new adTech solutions, messages are shown only to the relevant audience at the right time, on the right resource source. Each advertising technology saves time and money for marketers, and the audience receives only relevant offers.

The Mission & Benefits of AdTech

Ad Tech 2023 is the key to personalizing online shopping, ensuring a certain number of impressions. For this, it is good to know the right time and right place. What are AdTech solutions capable of?

  • Monetize your business online.
  • Conduct successful media buying.
  • Deliver ads to the right target audience with precision.
  • Thoroughly analyze audience information to determine audience potential, engagement and behavior.
  • Complete analysis of deployed marketing data (ad type, sources, channels, partners that help monetize them).

The power of Ad Tech is that it helps you scale, real-time flexibility, and maximum targeting opportunities.

Technology advertisements never stop evolving, which marketers cleverly take advantage of. They customize smart campaigns that bear the most fruit. The current trends in ad technology have become:

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most sought-after adtech solutions among advertisers. Its algorithms read data about consumers, fine-tune targeting, and select relevant content for each. Analyzing the content environment is not without the use of computer vision technology (CHEQ).
  2. Big Data = Good Data. A smart marketer knows that analytics is useful at all stages of the sales funnel. That's why adTech platforms spend a lot of money on Big Data, processing and analyzing colossal amounts of data collected from various sources. Nothing better will maximize the accuracy of the CA action.
  3. Digital audio content is becoming commonplace. From your speaker to smart home control hubs, voice technology advertisements are taking over the world. Most users listen to podcasts, music, and audiobooks. Advertisers haven't missed making a name for themselves in this arena as well. They include dynamic audio advertising, which today is so actively tested by Google. The same goes for the adaptation of voice SEO optimization of websites for the last couple of years.
  4. Gamification and interactivity. What about entertainment content where gamification elements have become the norm? Ad technology allows you to seamlessly incorporate classic and virtual formats (VR) into the promotion of your campaigns.
  5. Nativity. The modern user doesn't want to be distracted from engaging content to watch an ad. That's why more and more sites offer advertisers to natively embed ads in the context of a publication or separate branding elements in a video.
  6. Personalization of creatives. Many big brands believe that personalization is the main adTech company strategy. It’s unprofitable to create hundreds of variations of creatives, so adTech platforms already offer solutions for creating dynamic creatives that provoke to go, buy, order, check out something.

Advertising Technology Industry: All the Secrets Outside

Today, the entire marketing industry is experiencing an unprecedented surge: PR technologies continue to develop, artificial intelligence is being introduced, voice search is gaining traction, and the complete transformation of the digital space. Let's understand what types of advertising technology exist today and how they solve specific problems in the digital ecosystem:

  • Supply-Side Platform (SSP) - gives the ability to monetize audiences and optimize ad impressions.
  • Demand-side platform (DSP) allows agencies and advertisers to buy impressions, optimize placement and manage adTech company.
  • Ad exchanges. This is where online trading platforms emerge with offers from publishers (SSPs) and demand from advertisers (DSPs). So-called auctions with the buying and selling of ad space are emerging. They take place online, using real-time bidding technologies.
  • The ad server manages the delivery of ads to websites or apps for specific audiences. The server is responsible for the proper display of banners, video ads on the page. This also includes targeting tools, monitoring the number of impressions.

Ad Tech industry is a broad term that combines various tools and practices. These include aggregators, automation services, traffic purchases, analytical tools and various advertising formats (contextual, banner and video ads), and the use of social networks for advertising purposes.

Successful AdTech Company

Hybrid, Getintent, BYYD, Mediasniper and Genius Group / Cobrazz —  the list of the top AdTech companies is endless. Today, AdTech solutions help advertisers manage their media buying (desktop, mobile, Connected TV and digital out-of-home), while AI algorithms help them optimize display costs.

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Leveraging technology advertisements  in the "digital age" brings together various tools into a single ecosystem for better strategic planning, ad management and monetization.

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