New Year’s Marketing Ideas

New Year’s Marketing Ideas

Why some advertisers thrive on winter holiday season while others lose their budget? What are the latest NY’s marketing trends that advertisers should consider? And what role does creativity play in determining the success of ad campaigns?

There are so many questions and so few answers. In this article we’re going to change that!

If you read our previous Holiday articles about Black Friday or Halloween Marketing then you probably know, that we always give you not just insights on marketing trends by sharing relevant statistics from different sources, but also give you a variety of top tools to speed up your workflow process and increase quality of creatives themselves. And this holiday marketing article won’t be an exception.

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare your mind for more tips & tricks:

Let’s begin our journey and dive into the world of marketing and advertising!

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Where to start?

MIX Classical Approach with New Year’s Resolutions to trigger customers

Independently on the choice of the product that you’re going to promote, we advice you to integrate these triggers into your workflow. What’re they? Well, let’s see..

Classic marketing approach

Adapt New Year's themes to your product or business instead of writing about things that everyone googles. For example, if you promote online cinema offers, then you can create pre-landing page or social media post devoted to the special New Year’s movie collection.

New Year Resolutions

January can be marked as a month when everyone tries start with a fresh list. The things is to keep it somehow tied to your business. How to adapt New Year Resolutions Marketing to your niche? Let’s see an example we came up with.

Many people write in NY resolutions that they want to find a soulmate. For advertisers it gives an opportunity to promote dating offers with headings like: “Fulfill your NY resolution with our Dating App”.

From Forbes Health we know, that most of the people are going to make around 3 resolutions and the popular ones are touching Fitness, Finances, Mental Health, Lose weight and Learn new Skills. You can use this data to plan the number offers you’re going to promote and choose niches for your marketing strategy.


More about statistics

Experienced advertisers probably already know this, but creating a great ad is as much about theory as it’s about creativity. Moreover, some of the top ad writers won’t start crafting their ads until they conducted in-depth research on the product details and market situation.

Here are some aspects you should consider before launching ads:

  • Whether the niche you are promoting is popular during this time of the season
  • Whether your product is worth selling online or if the majority of its customers prefer to purchase it in offline shops
  • In which GEOs people are most likely to be interested in your product during New Year
  • Which OS and devices users mostly use to buy gifts online

Depending on the specific niche the answers may be different, but for the most popular ones they are approximately the same. And this is why we decided to share insights on them with you.

Offline vs Online shopping
According to Statista 57% of US buyers intended to shop online during holidays

Conversion rate by Desktop vs Mobile
Adobe statistics shows that the trend of 2023 indicates that more people are willing to buy holiday presents through a desktop rather than a mobile:


Weak vs Top Performing Categories
Detailed information on this matter you can see on the picture below:


Now you know that majority of customers are going to buy presents online, preferably through a desktop, and you have a long list of top-performing categories to catch their attention.

All that’s left is to get prepared for running ads on these settings.

This is why the next section is devoted to making visual creatives and writing copy for them.

Time to get prepared

Often, the best thing you can do for your customers is to help them buy presents without spending too much time on thinking and worrying about it. Life’s short to do a cost-benefit analysis every time you want to buy presents during the holiday season. And it’s in your interest to solve this problem for them by polishing your ads.

As you know, advertisement is made up of two elements: the words and the visual part. Together they make a whole. And in isolation, magic doesn’t happen. Let’s take a closer look at both sides of the coin.

Use ready templates

Every advertiser wants to be both a great designer and a profound marketer.

Generally, this is not always the case. Fortunately, modern technologies allow us to compensate for the lack of skills with powerful AI tools and a variety of ready and free templates for beautiful designs. Below, we share with you the links to the ones we’ve found the most attractive and easy to use:

Here is a small preview on templates that each platform can offer you:


Remember, that you can customize them with your logo and brand colors, put in text you come up with, and resize them to the format you need.

Hope that with these templates you will make your landing page and ads shine like a New Year tree!

Write Ad Texts with AI Services

Now let’s discuss how to write engaging copy for your beautiful creatives.

If you have great copyrighting skills, then you can totally try to do it by yourself.

But we suggest you to take a look at ready templates or use ai services anyway, because it will boost your creativity and encourage you to think outside of the box.

We’ve already shared prompts for copywriting in the previous article about Black Friday Marketing. But in addition to the CHAT GPT service, we recommend you try Rytr.

This AI platform was specifically trained to write copy for social media posts, ads, product description, and other marketing cases you might be interested in.

We show user’s workflow with Rytr in the video below:


The platform offers you limited number of free tries. So, spend your credits wisely.

So again, the visual part doesn’t make complete sense without words. And the words don’t make complete sense without visual part.

Make sure you put enough effort in both of them!


Get rich in December to Prepare for January

You don’t have to be marketing specialist to predict that because of the New Year seasons, most businesses sales are significantly going up. But what can be a surprise for many beginners is when they find out how bad it’s going to be during January, if their marketing strategy wasn’t prepared for this “month of silence”.

It can be explained by the fact that first 2-3 weeks of January are worldwide holidays and everyone is on vacation with family and friends, recovering from intense workflow of last months and preparing for a new season.

Of course, if you’re satisfied with the results of your December Marketing campaigns, then you probably should have some rest too.

But if you’re encouraged to put more effort into marketing and start making sales right after celebrating New Year’s Eve, then with the right approach you can turn the “silent month” into the month of opportunities. Here are a few reasons why this is possible:

  • Competition for user’s attention online decreases compare to previous months;
  • People have more free time and spend more time in social media;
  • And again: the mood of new NY resolutions encourages customers to search for new interesting products, services, offers;

Therefore, traffic through website and social media pages increases and you can use it for making sales while your competitors are asleep.

Promocodes time..

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